Putting up an Indian Flag as profile picture is a violation of Indian Law

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Does setting up the Indian national flag as one’s profile picture on Facebook, Whatsapp or BBM constitute disregarding the flag and violating the Indian laws? This is the inquiry in the personalities of numerous Indian ostracizes in the UAE in front of their nation’s 68th Independence Day on August 15.

Countless Indian expats in the UAE, in the same way as their kindred kinsmen in India and different parts of the world, have begun getting and sending messages that ask Indians to supplant their profile pictures on social networking locales with the photograph of the tri-color to demonstrate their pride and patriotism on the event.

While numerous Indians did it inside minutes, they were either charmed or stunned when an alternate message began making the rounds.

This time, the message, which was purportedly conveyed by individuals who ‘know the laws’, said that setting up the national banner as profile pictures may be “unlawful and discourteous”.

These negating messages have prompted level headed discussions on the social networking, with a few expats reminding their companions about debates including renowned identities, for example, Mandira Bedi, Sania Mirza and Mallika Sherawat, who purportedly slighted the banner.

Notwithstanding, a few others accept it is alright to keep the tri-shade as one’s profile picture to declare his/her patriotism, since they are not hanging themselves with the banner, however simply keeping it as a “pleased character”.

Dubai occupant Vimmi Sanil said she got a message on Whatsapp, which said utilizing the Indian hail as a part of any type of title representation is unlawful under the Prevention of Insults to National Honor Act 1971. “I was not certain if this is genuine. Yet I felt we shouldn’t unknowingly disregard the banner. Along these lines, I sent the message to all in my contacts whom I saw had changed the banner as their DP (showcase picture).”

Abhilash Mallya, an IT proficient in Dubai, said he shielded the demonstration of changing his DP when he got a comparative message.

“I read the connection to the demonstration and observed that it doesn’t say anything in regards to profile pictures. Beyond any doubt it says the banner ought not be sewed or stuck anyplace and so on.

“At the point when Indian cricket colleagues can put the banner on their caps; when Indian sports unexpected can show it on their shirts; when Usha Uthup can wear a tri-color bindi, why wouldn’t we be able to set up a profile picture?”

Attorney speak

To know the lawfulness of the matter, Khaleej Times represented the inquiry to promoter Ashish Mehta, overseeing accomplice of Ashish Mehta and Associates.

He said the Supreme Court of India had decided for an appeal documented by industrialist and lawmaker Naveen Jindal, making the raising of the national banner on all days of the year another basic right of Indian subjects.

“The zenith court permits Indian subjects to derrick the banner without any unsavoriness or offense to the banner. Along these lines, as long as the banner or the nation’s picture is not brought into unsavoriness, there shouldn’t be anything wrong in utilizing the banner to demonstrate your feeling of pride and patriotism in a profile picture,” he said.

On the other hand, he included that the tricolor ought to be the authority shade as chosen by the administration of India. “Individuals ought not change the even rectangular shape and the first shades of the banner.”

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