By Ahmed Farooq

Ahmed Farooq is a promising young writer and blogger
Ahmed Farooq is a promising young writer and blogger

Putin is seated upon his throne as he oversees order and discipline of the Russian Federation. Troubled by the problems the nation faces, the president bears a callous expression as he hides away his emotions from the crowd. A feint grin decorates his face as he slightly tugs on the Chechen reins. Vladimir Putin is pleased that he has tamed the violent tides that had raged since the early years of the Russian Empire.
Chechen Muslims had raged a violent onslaught against the Russians, attacking the USSR during times of war and declaring Jihad against the Kremlin. The nation of Sufi Muslims was relentless and rebellious. The conflicts date back to 1785 as growing tensions by the Russians in the north Caucus triggered conflicts thus leading to the Caucasian War and grabbed hold of Chechnya. The nation was at peace when Lenin and his band of rebels marched the streets of Russia and waged the Russian Civil War. As the World Wars stormed violently, the Chechens sought for an opportunity to revolt and as a response they were deported en masse to Central Asia.
Enraged and suppressed, Akhmad Kadyrov, Mufti of the Chechen state, declared Jihad against the Russians in 1994, stating that it’s the rightful duty of the Mujahideen to kill at least 150 Russians. This marked the onset of the first Chechen War. Boris Yeltsin sent out orders from Kremlin for the invasion of Chechnya. Chechens guerillas emerged victorious as they drove away the invaders with heavy casualties. A Russian-Chechen peace treaty was signed and the violence elapsed for a short while.
Peace did not prevail, the fire raged throughout the Chechen state. The guerillas and rebellious elements thundered against the government at Grozny. Chaos and lawlessness prevailed. Akhmad Kadyrov pleaded Putin for aid, swearing his Chechen paramilitary force, the Kadyrovtsy, would assist the Kremlin. Pro-Russian factions sided with the Russian military. The initial government was overthrown. Akhmad Kadyrov was placed upon the seat of the president.
Akhmad did not last long. Islamists assassinated the president. Bomb blasts at Grozny during a WWII memorial parade lead to the death of the president. Putin soon installed Ramazan Kadyrov as president. Putin had played his dice well. Ramazan declared his Kadyrovtsy as “Vladimir Putin’s combat infantry”. With fiery passion and support for Putin he cries out loud “Putin is gorgeous. He thinks more about Chechnya than about any other republic [of the Russian Federation]. When my father was murdered, he [Putin] came and went to the cemetery in person. Putin has stopped the war. Putin should be made president for life. Strong rule is needed.” Putin has made an ally who is upright, steadfast and blindfolded by his charm.
Putin smiles as his lapdog growls at his rivals. All threats have eradicated. Rival journalists and rival nations back away. Putin has dealt cards with excellent results. Putin has not only tamed the rough tides of Chechen-Russian relations but has exterminated further threats as well.
If Putin is responsible for the hostile deeds than his deeds are justified to some extent. “Might is right” is saying that governs this world but on the other hand Putin has robbed the public of its freedom by assassinating leftist liberals.

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