Putin condemns Quetta blast, offers help to fight against terrorism

Putin condemns Quetta blast, offers help to fight against terrorism

Moscow, Russia: Russian President Vladimir Putin has condemned suicide blast that killed at least 73 people on Monday morning at a hospital in Pakistan.

The blast took place in the city of Quetta that is the provincial headquarter of Pakistani Baluchistan, reports Dispatch News Desk news agency.

President Putin who is in Baku released a statement and said that Moscow is ready to provide every support if needed to fight out terrorism and expressed his condolences with the affected families.

In a statement issued by the official media of Russia, President Putin offered support to Pakistan to fight out terrorism together and stated that terrorists are enemies for every civilization and peace.

Russian news agency Sputnik reports following comment from Putin regarding his condemnation for blast in Pakistan;

“We decisively condemn this cynical, inhumane crime… I’d like to reiterate that the Russian side is ready to bolster cooperation with Pakistani partners in the fight against terrorism,” Putin said.
Putin hoped in his condolence messages sent to President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussein and Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif that terrorists and perpetrators behind this deadly blast would face justice they deserve.

Pakistan has been victim of terrorism since one decade and over 60,000 civilians have lost their lives in terror attacks. Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is fighting against this South Eastern country that had been a heaven for Islamist Jihadis during early 80s to fight war against former Soviet Union. Thousands of Jihadis who came from Middle East did not leave Pakistan after so-called Afghan Jihad ended and these Jihadis virtually controlled restive tribal areas for over 25 years and developed their own writs. However, Pakistan Army in June 2014 decided to root them out from tribal areas and now Jihadis are using different names to fight against Pakistan Army. However, Pakistan claims that Indian intelligence agency is supporting TTP to fight against Pakistan Army.

RAW behind terrorist attacks in Balochistan

The Chief Minister Balochistan where blast took place claimed that Indian intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is involved in the terrorist activities in Balochistan.

His statement comes as 73 people including the former President of Balochistan Bar Association Baz Muhammad Kakar were martyred and 58 injured in a bomb explosion at Civil Hospital Quetta.

Talking to private news channel, the Chief Minister strongly decried the attack and expressed sympathy with the bereaved families, and said that the attack seemed to be a suicide attack.

“We will not bow down before terrorists,” Sanaullah Zehri said adding that terrorists are aiming for soft targets.

Sanaullah Zehri said that today is the blackest day for Balochistan. He vowed that wherever terrorists are, they would be brought to justice.