Punjab Oil Mills launches Pakistan’s first ever Organic Cooking Oil ‘Naturelle’

LAHORE, Pakistan: Punjab Oil Mills Limited (POML), leading manufacturer of edible oils and fats, has recently launched Pakistan’s first ever premium Organic Cooking Oil – Naturelle.

Naturelle Cooking Oil is not chemically treated or refined. Whenever any kind of food or oil is treated with chemicals, it might leave harmful traces behind.

Punjab Oil Mills launches Pakistan’s first ever Organic Cooking Oil 'Naturelle'The use of Hydrogen Peroxide or Chlorine – two harmful substances – to bleach cooking oil is very common. Even small traces of substances, when left behind during refining processes, can cause serious damage to your body, especially your digestive tract.

Seeds are sourced from farms within Pakistan as well as from Ukraine, Russia, Eastern Europe and Canada. All these Countries have strict food safety regulations which ensure high quality seeds.

Naturelle is the oil of first press. It means that the oil does not go through the usual solvent extraction process. It is refined through a unique process especially developed by the Naturelle team. The oil is heated at 200 degree centigrade, which removes all impurities by turning them into gaseous state. These gases are then sucked out through the vaccum system which results in a chemical free, pure end product.

Naturelle Oil is devoid of chemicals, bleach and preservatives, it has numerous health benefits. It helps aid digestion, lowers bad cholesterol and is over-all good for the heart. If you want to have a look over Best Cooking Oils in Pakistan, read our detailed article on it.