Punjab govt to plant forest bigger than Changa Manga near Pattoki

The Punjab government has decided to plant a forest bigger than Changa Manga near Pattoki, a city in Punjab’s Kasur district, aiming at to combat environmental pollution and provide enhanced recreational facilities to the inhabitants.

The new forest will be planted on 2500 acres retrieved land near Pattoki.

It is worth noting that under its anti-encroachment drive, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)-led Punjab government has retrieved thousands of kanal state land from grabbers across the province since it took over the realm last year.

The PTI government in Khyber Pakhtukhwa has also already raised a ‘Changa Manga’ like forest at Gari Chandan in Peshawar.

Changa Manga is located approximately 80 kilometers southwest of Lahore, and it covers an area of 12,000 acres. Once it was the largest man-made forest in the world but massive deforestation has reduced it to less than half its original size.

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