Punjab Excise Vehicle Registration Crackdown Against Unpaid Tokens

Punjab axcise vehicle registration


Punjab excise department brought bad news for all the vehicle customers in the Pakistani market. It declared that the Punjab excise vehicle registration is cancelled. Punjab excise and taxation department (E&T) department has cancelled the registration of 57,000 vehicles up till now. This figure is only from Lahore. 

Here’s why Punjab Excise is Conducting Crackdown

Pujab axcise vehicle registration

Each car has to be registered with the Punjab E&T authority to make sure that the car on the roads belongs to the legal owner or not. So now, the government decided to take strict action against vehicle owners who have not paid token taxes and other liable dues for their vehicles for more than twenty years. 

Punjab excise vehicle regisration

The process is going on since the last year. The department sent warning letters to each owner who failed to pay the charges. Several car owners did not cooperate even after the warning letters. So, the government decided to cancel the vehicle registration of such cars.

The cars in discussion belong to private owners and other commercial institutions. According to the director of the Punjab Excise department, Qamar-ul-Hassan, ” Amounts of millions of rupees are outstanding against them. Among these thousands of cars, are those whose owners only have open letters with them.” 

Vehicles to be Ceased On Sight

This is not it. The authority is even more strict this time. The authority will confiscate all the cars which have their Punjab excise vehicle registration cancelled will be confiscated on sight. The owners who want to reinstall the registration have to file an application to the excise taxation office. This way they can use their cars on the roads.  

The authority will check the outstanding amount of token tax on each applicant. Once they pay it, they will not have any problem. The director of the Excise department has digested to get registered as soon as possible. Otherwise, the owners may lose ownership of their vehicles and they could lose their vehicles.

Does it Apply on All Vehicles?

For many years, vehicle owners have taken the benefit of the practical leverage given to them for their pending vehicle taxes. While this may be true, this time, the action is to be taken against all vehicle owners who fall guilty in the context. However, recently registered vehicles do not fall on the list as the crackdown is against those vehicle owners who have years of dues pending.

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