Public Transport in Ukraine may remain suspended

Monitoring Desk: Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Health, Chief State Sanitary Doctor Viktor Lyashko has said that he is (was) categorically against the resumption of public transport on May 11.


He expressed his views while responding to questions in the political talk show “Freedom of Speech” on the ICTV channel.

According to Ukrainian News Agency, Minister was of the view that public transport must not resume immediately.

Public Transport in Ukraine may remain suspended

“At the moment, I will stand my ground, I will not allow public transport to be resumed immediately. Since, as soon as public transport is resumed, we will be quarantined as such,” Lyashko said.

According to a story filed by Anna Rudyk, Minister was of the view that he understands (understood) that the lack of public transport was significantly affecting business, however, the issue of resumption is not mattered to resolve immediately.

As Ukrainian News reported, today began the 55th day of the quarantine, which the Cabinet of Ministers introduced on March 12 due to the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19 and extended until May 22.

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