PTV song “Main Kashmir Hun” to commemorate International Kashmir Solidarity Day

“Main Kashmir Hun”

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The Federal Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage has released a special song to commemorate International Kashmir Day being observed on February 5.

The song “Main Kashmir Hun” (I am Kashmir) was sung by Alycia Dias who is a young popular vocalist while the song was directed by Nain Maniar. Nain is known for experimentation in filmography and production and he used several techniques in this 4 minute and 37 second duration song. He is surely considered as one of the most innovative directors who are leading drama industry of Pakistan.

Alycia used low tempo to grab attention of listeners and viewers and she successfully expressed pain and sorrow in hes voice for representing message of mothers of Kashmiri youth sacrificing lives for snatching freedom from the Indian occupation.

Lyrics were written by Ali Moin and Farhan Qaisar who apparently got lead from Punjabi classic poetry that is popular for using symbolism to represents pain and pleasure in literature. This is the first patriotic song ever written to highlight cause of Kashmir by using mixture of Urdu and Punjabi languages.

“Kashmir People in Indian occupied Kashmir are being subjected to extreme brutality and the world is silent over Kashmiri genocide”; was the theme of this patriotic song.

Waqar Ali corresponded pain and agonies of people of Indian occupied Kashmir by using classical instrument Bansari (flout) which is known to express sorrowfulness in eastern culture.

Lyrics said that blue rivers of Kashmir are now red with the blood of youth of Indian occupied Kashmir whose only crime is demanding freedom from occupation of Indian forces.

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Lyrics indicated that now Kashmiris have decided to stand against oppression imposed by Indian forces instead of crying and beating their chests on the deaths of their sons and daughters.

Majority of shots used in videography of the song were stock shots of scenes of use of brutal force by Indian army in Indian occupied Kashmir.

The song ended with statement of Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahid Khaqan Abbasi given by him at General Assembly of United Nations last year.

The theme of the song was that people of Indian occupied Kashmir are sacrificing their generations for achieving freedom from India but the world is silent. There is a node from people of Kashmir to the whole world that they are also human beings and world must move now to stop their purge by the hands of Indian forces.

Song Lyrics

Pitch darkness and heart wrenching pain

Spreading death to every home

The world does not care as the mantra of fire turns heaven to smoldering ashes


“I am but a human brimming with sorrow

And anguish of a destiny that is lost


I am Kashmir


Blue rivers have been turned to red

Over flowing with blood


Death and pain is the price for realizing

One’s dream


What a pain has it been to bury the dead


I am but a human brimming with sorrow

And anguish of a destiny that is lost


I am Kashmir


The barbarity of occupational forces shall

Be tolerated no more,


Nor will tears be shed in vain


We shall write our own destiny and no more

Shall there be tears of sorrow and grief


I am but a human brimming with sorrow

And anguish of a destiny that is lost


I am Kashmir”


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