PTV show Khabar Kay Sath Sath: Ghani’s statement “painful”

Pakistani NewsPTV show Khabar Kay Sath Sath: Ghani’s statement “painful”

Intelligentsia in Pakistan called Ghani’s statement “painful and uncalled for”

Islamabad, Pakistan: “There are meager chances of peace direct peace talks between Taliban and Afghan government as Taliban are gaining grounds in war beaten state while sheer corruption and differences within the ranks of Afghan government are playing havoc with fragile government in Kabul.

Afghanistan must clean its house and ensure order within the ranks of government to sustain instead of putting blames of his failure to other countries particularly Pakistan”.

These were observation of experts in state run Pakistan Television’s Current Affairs show Khabar Kay Sath Sath that was broadcast on Monday March 7, 2016.

Experts believed in one of the most popular Current Affairs show of PTV “Khabar Kay Sath Sath” hosted and anchored by Naheed Ch that statement of Afghan President in Parliament on Sunday sadden Pakistani nation in which he claimed that Pakistan was in undeclared war with Afghanistan.

Khabar Kay Sath Sath” hosted and anchored by Naheed Ch

Participant of show included senior journalists Tariq Mehmood Chaudhary, Rana Qaisar and Agha Iqrar Haroon expressed their fears that Taliban would not sit for direct talks with Afghan government unless foreign troops left Afghanistan or at least arrested Taliban leaders were not released from jails and were not taken away from so-called international Black List.

Tariq Mehmood Chaudhary was of the opinion that Afghan government should accept some demands including release of their leaders and putting them out of Black List to prepare a cordial atmosphere for peace talks. He added that financial support of billions of US $ came to Afghanistan but country did not see development, prosperity and development due to corruption within the ranks of government.

Rana Qaisar was of the view that President Ghani statement caused pain to people of Pakistan and Afghan government was losing grounds everywhere and Taliban are reality of Afghanistan while the writ of the government is limited to Kabul and adjoining areas. Responding to a question by host Naheed Ch, he stated that Daish was just a brand name and Afghan government was in in position to eleiminate Daish as claimed by President Ghani rather Taliban were at war with Daish because they can not give a chance to any other brand to root into war game of Afghanistan because Taliban are and had been a real stakeholders for Afghan politics.

Khabar Kay Sath Sath” hosted and anchored by Naheed Ch 2
Left senior journalist Tariq Mehmood Chaudhary and right Agha Iqrar Haroon

Development Observer and senior journalist who had been serving inside Afghanistan as reporter Agha Iqrar Haroon was of the view that Taliban enjoy freedom of movement and control over all most all provinces bordering Pakistan and Iran. He added that United Nations in its recent report indicates that security has diminished in Afghanistan, especially over this last year, as the Taliban have made steady military gains. Roughly half of the country’s 34 provinces are under severe or strong risk of falling to the Taliban while Afghan economy is struggling to adjust to a sharp drop-off in military-related spending. At present, ISIS (Daish) is dominant in only a small number of provincial districts across the east and north but its growth is possible as Taliban are leaving certain areas to ISIS for reasons that are known only to Taliban leadership.

He stated that Afghan unity government is fixed with political wrangling, endemic corruption and failure in establishing a system that could serve people though only USA provided a grant of over 113 billion USD since 2002 but money went to pockets of corrupt politicians.

All experts of talk show Khabar Kay Sath Sath” hosted and anchored by Naheed Ch were of the joint opinion that situation in Afghanistan is quite grave and United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan with 11,002 civilian casualties (3,545 deaths and 7,457 injured) in 2015, exceeding the previous record levels of civilian casualties that occurred in 2014. The latest figures show an overall increase of four per cent during 2015 in total civilian casualties from the previous year


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