PTI sends a message to the bureaucracy in Islamabad to halt the work

Islamabad, Pakistan: PTI leadership is sending messages to the federal bureaucracy to reject orders of the sitting government about providing administrative files signed by the PTI cabinet.


The message indicates that all is set for a swift comeback of former Prime Minister Imran Khan into power therefore bureaucracy must be careful in following the instructions of the sitting government to open files for finding irregularities or corruption if ever done by the PTI government during their three and half year rule.

Bureaucratic circles indicate that PTI is very confident that its government will come very soon and then bureaucracy shall have to pay the cost of helping the sitting government for finding possible cases of financial and administrative irregularities committed by the PTI cabinet. The bureaucracy that virtually looked subjugated in front of the hawkish conduct of the PTI cabinet in past is scared and indecisive about the future political scene of the country, therefore, it is taking this message from PTI very seriously, resulting in a go-slow or chocking kind of administrative system in Islamabad.

By chocking Punjab administratively, the next target of PTI is to create the same situation in Islamabad where bureaucrats would be reluctant to accept orders from the multiparty cabinet.

Sources in bureaucracy indicate that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already shown an unwillingness to share important files with State Minister. It may be remembered that the entire narrative of former Prime Minister Imran Khan is based on files lying in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs because he says that he had been voted out through a conspiracy hatched by the United States.

It may also be mentioned that over 70 percent higher bureaucracy in Islamabad was brought from KPK by the former Prime Minister Imran Khan who installed a system in which he appointed federal secretaries who have personal relations with Secretary to PM Azam Khan or had been serving PTI government in KPK while new Secretary of PM Touqeer Shah had mostly been in Punjab, therefore, he has no engross within Islamabad’s bureaucracy. Secretary-level bureaucrats belonging to Punjab who served former prime minister Imran Khan were those who are Aitchison College Lahore. Imran Khan also picked diplomats for ambassadorship who had been closer to him in past.

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