PTI rejects FIR, demands judicial commission to probe into assassination attempt on Raoof Hasan

PoliticsPTI rejects FIR, demands judicial commission to probe into assassination attempt on...
  • Omar calls attack on PTI CIS an act of terrorism, as Allah grants him new life
  • Raoof urges nation high time to come out not for him but future of Pakistan
  • Says what happened to him was a very small incident, party colleagues faced much worse scenarios

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) strongly rejected the FIR registered by Islamabad police for the assassination attempt on the party Central Information Secretary Raoof Hasan and demanded formation of an empowered judicial commission to bring the actual perpetrators involved in the act of terrorism to justice.

Addressing a press conference along with Raoof Hasan, PTI senior leaders Azam Swati and former Gilgit-Baltistan chief minister Khalid Khursheed along others, PTI Secretary General and Opposition Leader in National Assembly Omar Ayub said that the Islamabad police tampered with the FIR, as terror charge was omitted from it.


He said that the statement given by Raoof mentioned with clarity the events that occurred but the police tampered with FIR and did not mention terrorism charges in it.

“We categorically reject and condemn the forged FIR that was lodged by Islamabad Police. It is an attempt to sabotage the integrity of the case,” he added.

Omar asked that they wanted to know who exerted the pressure on Islamabad police to write and register that FIR, which did not even mention the word terrorism despite the fact an assassination attempt was clearly an act of terrorism.

Therefore, he asserted that they demanded immediate formation of judicial commission to take to task the real culprits, because he was subjected to a murderous attack, but Allah Almighty granted him new life and this was not the first time.

The Opposition Leader noted the earlier incident should also been reported and added that the attackers used a sharp object to attack PTI CIS, causing deep wounds on his face; however fortunately, he survived this life-threatening attack.

“I am sure you all know of the letter of six judges of IHC to the supreme judicial council, which stated that the judges’ family members were intimidated by security agencies, the ISI,” he said.

“Given the current state of affairs, this matter should be investigated by a judicial commission and swift justice should be delivered to Raoof,” Omar demanded.

He urged that all details regarding the heinous act should be made public.

However, PTI Secretary General made it clear that if the PTI leadership was targeted in such a manner again, the party would stage peaceful protests across the country and the direct impact of these protests would be targeted at mandate thieves Shehbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz.

Opposition Leader in NA lamented that the lawlessness ruled the roost in the country but no one bothered about it.

He blasted the Islamabad police for its failure to round up the attackers despite lapse of 24 hours, adding that PTI workers and leaders were arrested through geo fencing within no time after May 9 false flag operation across the country but the perpetrators of this heinous act were managed to flee from the scene with ease.

Omar rejected Punjab defamation law, as the mandate thieves wanted to stifle the sane voices.

Speaking on the occasion, Raoof said that it was a well-planned assassination attempt on him, as the attackers were not transgender but well-trained assassins.

He said that the attackers abused and threatened him while he was being attacked and kept on saying, “We are after you”. He said that transgender also distanced themselves from the incident.

Raoof revealed that it was a proper orchestrated plan, as he had previously encountered the assailants on Monday as well.

He stated that the attack on him was a part of the state’s fascism unleashed against the PTI and its leadership during the past two years and a parallel of which cannot be found in South Asian region, which was not hidden.

He questioned under what law they were doing all the state fascism and excesses. He recalled that despite the party’s demands to form judicial commission bring the perpetrators of May 9 false flag operation to book, no judicial commission was formed hitherto.

Raoof stated that this one person lurks in the shadows and hides behind smoke screens undermined the people’s wishes and only does as he pleases, believing that what he says is the only reality.

Behind the smokescreen of democracy, there is a dictatorship in this state. For the past two years, they have pushed the public to accept this dictatorship.

PTI CIS stated that what happened to him was a very small incident, as party colleagues faced much worse scenarios, adding that they could kill me but could not bow come what may.

Raoof urged that it was high time the nation has to come out not for him but for the future of the country.

PTI CIS went on to say that the state crossed all limits of barbarity and unleashed a reign of terror after toppling the PTI government through regime change conspiracy and nothing was secret from the nation in this regard.

He said that the fascist forces trampled constitution and law, raided houses with impunity of PTI people and PTI leaders and workers were detained and tortured, besides violating four walls with sole purpose to dismantle PTI.

However, he said that they badly failed in their nefarious plot, as they neither could decrease public support for the PTI nor could dampen the courage of the nation despite all state oppression and suppression.

Raoof made it clear that the fascist power wielders had no option other than holding talks with an individual, who was unlawfully incarcerated because their false and concocted narrative evaporated in the air as people badly rejected it on February 8, 2024 by awarding to Imran Khan and his party two third majority, which was stolen in a midnight polls robbery.

He said that the state institutions were humiliated by making assassination attempt on him, adding that his wounds would be healed but the bruises inflicted on the soul of the sate for the sake of one person dictatorship would take time.

Speaking on the occasion, Azam Swati said that he strongly condemned the assassination attempt on Raoof.

He said that it was unimaginable what they had done with Shahbaz Gill, with my family and other PTI people, but he asked what these power wielders wanted to do with Pakistan by unleashing a wave of terror in the country.

Swati stated that Imran Khan lived in the hearts of millions of Pakistan and they could not remove him from the heart of the people despite despite all state operation and suppression.

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