PTI marks 28th Foundation Day

PoliticsPTI marks 28th Foundation Day
  • Imran Khan’s mission of Haqeeqi Azadi to be taken to its logical ends: PTI leaders
  • PTI Chairman urges CJP to ensure Khan, other detainees release as nation can’t wait for 45 yrs to get justice
  • Omar says Bushra Bibi is Imran Khan’s strength not weakness
  • CM KP urges state institutions to question IG Punjab for not safeguarding corps commander house like Rana’s
  • Warns KP to march towards Islamabad if Khan not release by next month
  • Nation rejected political infiltrators on Feb 8: Shehryar Afridi

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leadership reiterated their resolve that they would leave no stone unturned to turn the unlawfully imprisoned PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan’s dream of Haqeeqi Azadi into a reality by making Pakistan a truly welfare state, where rule of law and constitutional supremacy reign supreme.

Speaking at an event to mark PTI 28th Foundation Day, the party leaders vowed that it was story of resilience as the fabulous 28 years of struggle changed Pakistan forever and vowed that they would not compromise of Imran Khan’s vision of slavery unacceptable come what may.


Speaking on the occasion, PTI Chairman Barrister Gohar He stated that PTI Founding Chairman always talked about rule of law and equality before the law.

He added that Khan wanted a true public representatives in the assemblies not strangers; hence he advised me to award tickets to genuine and sincere party cadres irrespective of their financial status and political background.

He said that Imran Khan was in jail due to bogus, false and politically motivated case framed against him and urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan that the nation was looking towards him for justice, as they could not wait for 45 long years to get justice.

He asserted that delayed the justice was tantamount to deny the justice; hence all unlawful PTI detainees including Imran Khan should be released from jails instantly.

PTI Chairman went on to say that Imran Khan did not believe in power sharing formula but politics of people and principle. He revealed that PTI Founding Chairman instructed him to join meetings with foreign dignitaries if the government invited; however, he added that the government did not invite PTI leader because its only for cutting ribbon and actually power lied somewhere else.

Barrister Gohar urged nation to come out in good number against the polls fraud today (Friday).

Speaking on the occasion, PTI secretary General and leader of the opposition in National Assembly Omar Ayub Khan said that a sole message of Imran Khan for the people that he would not compromise on his principle of haqeeqi Azadi of the nation and the country come what may and the chains of slavery were to be broken and your flight should be that of a free person.

He said that Bushra Bibi, Imran Khan’s spouse, was kept in solitary confinement and she was poisoned because she not no health issue prior to detention. However, Omar made it clear that those who unleashed a reign of terror should bear in mind that Bushra Bibi was not PTI Founding Chairman’s weakness rather she was her strength.

Omar vowed that they would start a decisive movement to ensure release of Imran Khan, Bushra Bibi, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Pervez Elahi and other women and party workers either they were in jails or military custody.

Addressing the event, Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Ali Amin Gandapur said that it was an important day that they were marking 28th Foundation Day of PTI. However, he added that the nation’s beloved leader who established this political party was unlawfully incarcerated in false, concocted and politically motivated cases. He stated that on one hand his leader was sentenced in Toshakhana case when he did nothing illegal, on the other who had taken expensive vehicles unlawfully from Toshakhana were made President, Prime Minister and Chief Minister of Punjab.

He made it clear that those who were doing all these things should keep in mind that the nation was not fool and well-aware of the fact, adding that these reign of terror and fascism unleashed on PTI leaders and workers were creating hatred in the hearts of their children, which was unfortunate, but some people were ignoring it for the sake of their vested personal interests.

“We will not accept these slaves, mandate thieves and money launderers who even broke Pakistan to grab power,” he added.

CM KP stated that Imran Khan was the only sincere of the country, whose sole objective to make Pakistan a truly independent sovereign state, adding that over 36,000 Palestinians have been martyred but these crooked mandate thieves did not have the courage to raise voice against Israeli genocide of Palestinians because they were compromised people as all their laundered wealth stashed abroad.

Ali Amin underlined that PTI Founding Chairman fought the cause of Kashmir effectively at all fora globally and raised voice for Palestinian people emphatically because he is the leader of the ummah.

CM KP urged that the state institutions must ask IG Punjab as how they were succeeded in protecting Rana Sanaullah’s house from vandalism but even not a single security official was present to safeguard core commander house.

However, he made it clear that this dirty game of fascism and barbarism should be come to an end as the nation would not tolerate it anymore. Gandapur expressed optimism that Imran Khan would be released next month or else KP would march towards Islamabad and they would not return until they get Imran Khan out of the jail and topple the puppet government in the center.

CM KP stated that they exercised restraint because they believed in rule of law and supremacy of the constitution.

PTI senior leader MNA Shehryar Afridi said that no power on earth could force his leader Imran Khan to make compromise and saluted all party workers especially women who faced all hardship and state coercions courageously but stood with their leader and ideology like a rock.

He said that there was two parties system in Pakistan like in US and UK and no one ever thought to break them but Imran Khan laid the foundation of PTI 28 years ago, who not only smashed the two parties system but altered the political culture of the country altogether.

Shehryar stated that the political infiltrators were rejected by the nation on February 8 but public mandate was stolen in daylight robbery to impose the mandate thieves on the nation fraudulently.

However, he categorically stated that the part leadership should announce a decisive strategy without any further delay to ensure Imran Khan’s earliest release from jail because they could not wait anymore in this regard.

Khalid Khursheed, former Chief Minister Gilgit-Baltistan, said that PTI Founding Chairman was being punished for talking of real independence of Pakistan and dared to say absolutely not unlike Pervez Musharraf who surrendered with one call and plunged the country into a worst war on terrorism.

He stated that the nation had to come out to get his leader out of jail because no one would offer them freedom in a plate.

PTI leader Walid Iqbal, who moderated the event, congratulated the party workers on the 28th Foundation Day of PTI.

PTI senior leader Faisal Javed said that they were direly missed their leader because it was the first foundation day of the party celebrating in absence of PTI Founding Chairman.

He stated that Imran Khan changed the political tradition of Pakistan, who chose the toughest route ‘slavery unacceptable’ to make Pakistan a truly welfare state and he was succeeded in awaking his nation.

PTI MNA Zartaj Gul warned that she was a patriotic Pakistani citizen and if ever again she was labeled a terrorist she would teach them a lesson, adding that she was implicated in false and fabricated cases because she stood with Imran Khan.

PTI MNA Ali Muhammad Khan said that status quo forces deeply entrenched in Pakistan, who were challenged by PTI Founding Chairman.

He asserted that Imran Khan was targeted for absolutely not and talking about formation of Islamic bloc to vociferously and effectively raise voices for the muslims across the world.

PTI Balochistan President Dawood Shah Kakar vowed that they would take their beloved unjustly imprisoned leader’s mission of breaking the chains of slavery and slavery unacceptable to logical ends and they would not allow anyone to make Balochistan a colony.

Malik Ahmad Khan Bhachar, opposition leader in Punjab assembly vowed that Punjab would be the main battlefield and they would not disappoint their leader, as opponents would find a place to hide.

Barrister Abuzar Salman Niazi said that Imran Khan’s sole crime was that he wanted to make Pakistan a Madina like welfare state where every citizen would be equal before the law, which was not acceptable to the crooked power-wielders.

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