PTI launches slur campaign over martyrs of Mir Ali incident

Pakistan ArmyPTI launches slur campaign over martyrs of Mir Ali incident

Islamabad, Pakistan: Today was another heart-wrenching day when the news came from Mir Ali of North Waziristan District where brave soldiers gave their lives to secure the future of their motherland by fighting back against terrorists who rammed an explosive-laden vehicle into a military post, followed by multiple suicide bombing attacks.

The martyrs include Havildar Sabir (resident of District Khyber), Naik Khurshid  (resident of District Lakki Marwat), Sepoy Nasir (resident of District Peshawar), Sepoy Raja (resident of District Kohat) and Sepoy Sajjad (resident of District Abbottabad) and during the conduct of ensuing clearance operation, Lieutenant Colonel Syed Kashif Ali (age: 39 years, resident of Karachi) and Captain Muhammad Ahmed Badar (age: 23 years, resident of District Talagang), paid the ultimate sacrifice and embraced martyrdom.


PTI’s slur campaign over martyrs of Mir Ali incident

As always, this mourning state was ruthlessly used by the PTI Cult followers who started using this sorrowful event for producing and posting content and comments against military men saying that their sacrifice is because their families get plots for their martyrs in DHA Housing Society. Can anybody ask them a question will your mother trade your life for a plot in DHA?

The question is, who is conspiring to ridicule this parody account and the pictures of martyrs on it? Why are the commenters like Aina Asif, Maryam Maidens, Abdullah Azzam, and the entire PTI Cult following such accounts and can PTI deny that social media activist Farhan Akhtar Bhandar does not belong to the PTI slur brigade who makes a mockery of martyrs?

PTI’s slur campaign over martyrs of Mir Ali incident

To figure out this disastrous situation of slurring martyrs, background discussions were conducted with senior journalists, academicians, psychologists, and sociologists and the majority of them were of the view that the hybrid “Slur Brigade” created by PTI has emerged to tarnish the entire fabric of our society.

They are of the view that the young generation suffering from echoes of false hope and mystified promises is targeting our real saviors. They believe that the PTI slur brigade is shamelessly cursing soldiers and martyrs because the state shows weaknesses in the past although there was a need and there is still a need for a military-grade strafing against such deranged people to curb this anti-state narrative. This Cult of PTI is playing havoc with this country, and this is the right time to un-clutch the population from this Cult and the social media echo chambers must be dismantled because a few hundred social media warmongers are a source of chaos in the society.

Referring to the unfortunate and insensitive media campaign against the Pakistan Army launched after the unlucky helicopter crash in Baluchistan, academicians like Dr. Sobia Manzoor said that campaigns against martyrs have polluted social norms and have damaged the social fabric of Pakistan and such campaigns are the ultimate result of circumstances in which the slur brigade of PTI had been allowed taunting, name-calling, and slurring state institutions and attacking monuments of martyrs on May 9, 2023.

Senior journalist Ijaz Ahmed was of the view that regretful social media campaigns caused deep anguish and distress among Shuhada families and the whole nation stands with the Pakistan Army in difficult times like today’s incident in Mir Ali but PTI Cult and its slur bridge resorted to hurtful and derogatory comments on social media which is unacceptable and highly condemnable.

Writer, academician, and author Shazia Anwer Cheema when asked to comment said that PTI was using all efforts to derogate those who sacrificed their lives to protect their motherland because the PTI Cult wants (wanted) to discredit everybody who loves Pakistan. She believes that such a hateful campaign is deep-rooted, well-planned, well-funded, and has a larger design and must be taken very seriously. She stated that the comments that appeared on social media after the Mir Ali incident against martyred officers and soldiers were not acceptable in any decent and normal society and everybody knew who had been doing campaigns against state institutions.

She added that after former prime minister Imran Khan was voted out, the PTI Cult sponsored highly polluted and polarized slurs and sarcastic puns against the Army, causing hatred among youth against the Pakistan Army.

A senior foreign qualified journalist with the request not to share his identity said that by using Artificial intelligence (AI), filter bubbles, trends, hashtags, and echo chambers, PTI Cult members are mercilessly slaying everyone coming their way. He was of the view that strict actions must be taken against PTI that is inciting people against state institutions and nurturing hate within society. “There are laws that restrict abusing state institutions like the Army and the judiciary and there is no need for new laws but the most important issue is the implementation of laws”, he commented.

Senior journalist and author Agha Iqrar Haroon while commenting on PTI’s derogatory campaign against martyrs of the Mir Ali incident said that Alexander the Great was shivering with fever because the poison of an arrow he got at the Multan battle had already mixed in his blood when he was crossing rough and barren terrain before the coastal area of Makran. He stopped his horse and asked his commanders to gather around him. He gave a speech to them because he was fearing his death. Haroon said that only those nations survive in history who follow what Alexander told his commanders.

He said to his commanders:

“I do not know whether I would be able to lead any more battles or not. Any of you will replace me. You know what to do and how to crush enemies. I just want to suggest to you how to behave with your soldiers if you wish as successful as me. “Soldiers give their lives for you, and for your cause. They need a share in fortune, good food, and little rest before the next battle. But most of it he (solider) needs and has the expectation to be treated with dignity and respect”.

The teachings of Islam are very categorical for respecting martyrs.

Martyrs are residents of the vast paradise of the Lord (God) but how unfortunate are those who consider martyrs as dead, denying the words of Allah that they are alive and taking their sustenance?

PTI’s slur campaign over martyrs of Mir Ali incident: Why do you hate your martyrs and what passion makes you happy about their martyrdom?

This is unimaginable for a sane human being to understand how can a normal person express hate against a martyr who has sacrificed himself/herself for our better tomorrow.

Can anybody ask senseless Cult members that feel your young son in the place of Colonel Kashif, Captain Ahmed Badr, Saber Khurshid, Raja, and Sajjad wrapped in the flag? Do you know what their sisters and mothers will do when they see the funerals of their loved ones? Can you consider yourself human? Think whether you are human or senseless Cult followers suffering from misbeliefs and delusions of grandeur that have made you another creature beyond feeling, heart, and soul.

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