PTI launches campaign to create confusions to attract voters in Punjab by-polls

By Agha Iqrar Haroon


Islamabad, Pakistan: PTI leadership has moved to another level of fighting media war against opponents by generating and creating confusion by spreading information of its own choice like “PTI is in contact with the establishment”, “establishment is listening proposals of PTI”, the multiparty government is cracking and allied parties are in contact with PTI” etc. The reason for generating confusion is to influence voters in forthcoming by-elections of Punjab so voters thought multiparty government could go soon.

One of such attempts is telling people that PTI has offered a package to the establishment for mending its relations. According to this theory spreading by PTI leadership, former Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to send a message to the military leadership, desiring to mend his relations, that according to him have gone wrong un-proportionately due to misunderstandings. His message is a package comprising of one offer, one desire, and one demand. This campaign says that former Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to demand the Establishment to place him back in the Prime Minister’s office through maneuvering in allied parties, stating that Khan and military leadership can mend their relationship and can move ahead if his government would be reestablished.

The offer includes Khan’s desire to announce a Referendum in the country to replace the Parliamentarian system with a Presidential form of government, accept whatever name for the new chief of Army Staff would come from military leadership, provided military leadership would help him to collect appropriate vote tally in National Assembly to move a vote of no-confidence against multiparty leadership.

This campaign is as dangerous as the slur campaign PTI has been executing against state institutions because generating confusion through “controlled fabricated information” would benefit PTI because party leadership believes that it has successfully achieved its target of pushing state institutions to the wall through its public meetings and media campaign.

Political analysts believe that several such attempts would come from PTI before July 17 Punjab by-elections because PTI has failed to cater to the attention of voters who believe that PTI has a bygone history due to its reckless and poisoned campaign against state institutions. They believe that PTI wants to send a message to voters that the game is still not over and PTI can come back.

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