PTI holds grand rally to show solidarity with Kashmiris

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is holding a grand rally today from Liaquat Bagh in Rawalpindi to D-Chowk Islamabad on the occasion of Independence Day for solidarity with Kashmiris. 

While addressing a Press Conference in Islamabad on Tuesday, the PTI Central Secretary General Aamer Mehmood Kiani said that ministers, local leaders and workers will attend the rally which will be held from Liaquat Bagh to D-Chowk at 3:00 pm to show solidarity with the Kashmiri people who are not the target of Indian barbarism. He said that the people from all walks of life including all PTI workers should ensure maximum participation in the rally.

The PTI leader said that the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has changed the status of occupied Kashmir to start bloodshed in the valley but the so-called Indian initiative will further strengthen the sentiment of Kashmiris as the passion of Kashmiris cannot be eliminated through a piece of paper. He said that it will not be too long probably when Kashmir would become part of Pakistan.

Aamer Kiani said that the Indian government has kept Kashmiris submissive for the past 70 years, adding that oppressing Kashmiris, Modi is on his way to become Hitler. He said that Modi massacred Muslims in Gujarat and was banned from coming to the United States.

The PTI leader said that Modi and RSS is following the Nazi ideology of extremism, the atrocities in the occupied valley are proof of the RSS’s Nazi ideology. He said that Kashmir is a globally recognized disputed area, and UN resolutions have given Kashmiris the right to make a decision about their fate according to their own will  He said that the oppression in Modi’s Kashmir reflects the paralyzed and weakened mentality of the RSS.

Aamer Mehmood Kiani said that no one should do politics on Kashmir issue. He said that this is a common national issue and we should move forward together on this issue.