PTI denounces rumour mill regarding another May 9 like false flag operation during elections

PoliticsPTI denounces rumour mill regarding another May 9 like false flag operation...
  • Says rumour-mongers become active after sensing PTI clear victory in polls despite all state operations
  • Urges SC to pre-empt to avert any overt, covert plot to massacre constitution, democracy

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Spokesperson strongly condemned that a rumour mill was in full gear under the state patronage regarding another “May 9 like false flag operation” during general elections, saying that false and propaganda-based campaign was running after sensing that the victory of PTI is unavoidable despite using all state coercions and machinations.

In a statement on Tuesday, the PTI Spokesperson vehemently denounced the reprehensible state efforts to rig the elections under the guise of a shameful government campaign of rumour-mongers and added that due to PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan’s historic popularity, it was absolutely clear that PTI would easily trounce its political rivals in the long-awaited general elections.


The Spokesperson pointed out that all the unbiased public opinion surveys were clearly reflecting that PTI would secure a two-thirds or three-fourths majority in the polls.

The PTI Spokesperson alarmed that the state machineries flouting the constitution and law in the country were now busy in making plots through closed-room conspiracies and senseless and absurd shenanigans.

The PTI leader noted that the false flag operation of May 9 was carried out to break PTI and unjustly imprison the country’s most popular leader.

Afterwards, he aid that a plan was orchestrated to deprive PTI of public mandate through technical means by snatching its electoral symbol but all these machinations did not work to oust PTI from the electoral arena.

The PTI Spokesperson made it clear that the government planners left shell-shocked due to the public’s decisive inclination towards PTI candidates after even after taking away from them the iconic “bat” symbol.

The Spokesperson expressed apprehension that desperate and disappointing efforts were being made by the rented analysts and the touts in media to spread shameful rumors in order to create absurd and false narratives.

Furthermore, he categorically state that PTI’s decision to participate in the elections with full might despite all the state coercive measures, fascism, conspiracies and the ongoing well-coordinated and organized attempts to rig polls was the clear proof of our unwavering and unshakable faith in the constitution, democracy and peaceful politics.

The PTI Spokesperson suggested that the secret state planners should give the people a chance to determine their future in a peaceful and free manner through their power of votes instead of plotting scams and secret plans for false flag operations during elections.

The Spokesperson pressed that those who were dreaming to push the country deep into lawlessness or internal chaos under the guise of a new false flag operation should forgive Pakistan and get off the lap of devil and make the Constitution their guide.

In addition, he reiterated that PTI is completely peaceful political forces having a comprehensive, effective and feasible program of national development through voting while remaining within the ambit of the constitution and law.

As the guardian of the Constitution, he said, that the Supreme Court should timely intervene and thwart any covert or overt effort of the state to massacre of the Constitution and democracy.

The PTI Spokesperson made it clear that the nation neither accepted any state mischievous effort before nor they would accept in the time to come what may.

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