PTI demands CJP to constitute full court on judges letter

PoliticsPTI demands CJP to constitute full court on judges letter
  • Intelligence agencies’ meddling in state institutions to open doors of destruction of country: PTI Spokesperson
  • Laments CJP tried to negate security apparatus’ interference, defuse judges letter matter in Karachi speech
  • Says spy agencies digging grave of democracy through open contempt of public mandate

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) demanded Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) to take firm and immediate steps to constitute a full court to hear suo motu notice pertaining to the meddling by the country’s security apparatus into judicial affairs detailing by six respected judges of Islamabad High Court (IHC) in their startling letter instead of shying away on the matter.

PTI Spokesperson, in a strongly-worded reaction over the CJP’s statement pertaining to the interference of intelligence agencies in judicial affairs under his watch and his visible reluctance to form full court on the judges’ letter issue, called the actions taken so far regarding the spy agencies’ interference in judicial affairs as a deliberate attempt to put the matter into a cold oven.


He reiterated that the six judges’ letter was a very serious, sensitive and grave issue; however, the steps, thus for, taken by CJP were insufficient, ineffective and very detrimental and dangerous for the future of the judiciary because intelligence agencies were digging the grave of democracy in Pakistan through open contempt of public mandate.

PTI Spokesperson went on to say that the Chief Justice tried to negate and defuse the matter during his speech in Karachi on Thursday, which was unfortunate, rather than taking any serious actions on the issue of very serious nature.

He alarmed that the illegal and undue interference of spy agencies’ officials in state institutions, especially the judiciary and executive, would open the gate of destruction of the country and the nation.

PTI Spokesperson noted that the intelligence agencies were digging the grave of democracy in Pakistan through open contempt of public mandate, which was exposed by the Commissioner Rawalpindi in his public confessional statement.

He recalled that PTI boycotted the 2008 general elections for the independence of the judiciary, where even hundreds of the party’s workers along with PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan endured the hardship imprisonment to ensure supremacy of judiciary in the country.

PTI Spokesperson contended that despite being subjected to the history worst state oppression and fascism and unjust incarceration, PTI Founding Chairman and PTI were rendering unparalleled and matchless sacrifices for ensuring independence of the judiciary and upholding rule of law in the country.

He emphasized that PTI Chairman-for-life, in his letter to the CJP, also stressed the need for taking tangible and effective measures on the judges’ letter matter.

However, PTI Spokesperson lamented that the nation did not satisfied with the overall behavior of the CJP and the actions taken on the letter of the judges hitherto.

He asserted that it was a matter of future of the nation, provision of justice to citizens and independence of the judiciary; hence the chief justice should instantly constitute a full court to on the issue instead of handing it over to a three, five and seven-member bench.

PTI Spokesperson urged that the CJP should keep in mind his constitutional position and should not shy away from his official’s duties and take serious steps on the matter.

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