PTI asks Shahbaz Sharif to come clean on Metro Bus Service

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Tuesday urged Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif to answer its ten questions over the Metro Bus Service (MBS) to help remove misunderstanding and confusion among general public about the ambitious project, Dispatch News Desk (DND) reported.


In an open letter written by PTI Secretary-General Dr Arif Alvi addressed to Shahbaz Sharif, the PTI leader said that the Punjab Chief Minister should tell the people of Pakistan the actual figure of the project under freedom of information law so as the public could get a clear picture of the project.

“As to the cost of the project various figures are being quoted upwards from the official Rs 30 Billion to Rs 90 Billion. What is the actual cost of the project? Also inform how much transparency according to PPRA rules was followed in awarding the contract,” said Alvi, adding that how much capital was provided by of the Punjab Government and what was the amount of loan taken and on what terms.

“Please also let the public know the yearly amount payable to the financing institution and for how long. Also tell how much money was spent on the launching of the project?  This should include money spent on press and television advertisements, hoardings and inaugural event,” said the PTI leader.

Arif Alvi asked which other agencies and ministries under Punjab Government contributed in the launching and publicity of the project and how much did they spend? He said what was the yearly running cost of the MBS?

The PTI leader also argued Shahbaz Sharif what yearly subsidies were planned for the project and what was the public pay back period. “And in the end why is it necessary to have a foreign company to manage and run the MBS?  Is the expertise not available in Pakistan?” questioned the PTI leader.

Arif Alvi said that the PTI would appreciate if this information is provided immediately so as to clear a lot of confusion in the public mind and that any criticism is avoided.


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