PTCL Is The Backbone Of Pakistan. Here’s Why!

TechnologyPTCL Is The Backbone Of Pakistan. Here’s Why!

PTCL is the name unknown to no one. It is the country’s largest internet provider and has reached far and wide throughout Pakistan. If you were questioning as to why we are calling it the backbone of Pakistan, it would be enough as an answer to tell you that PTCL handles more than 60% of the bandwidth of Pakistan. More than that, it also provides internet and data to some major and widely known companies too. Hence, let’s just say that the infrastructure of data and technology rests on its shoulders.

PTCL Cloud Solutions & Data Center

Another feather to its cap is that PTCL is the first and only company in Pakistan that has been running the Tier-3 Data Center. The cloud solutions and the state-of-the-art data center is helping numerous businesses grow by protecting their confidential information and critical data. It supports secure application environments that in turn help businesses operate efficiently and in a safe atmosphere.

Furthermore, it also provides strategies that help businesses effectively work with the industry trends and prepare them for the future by introducing innovative architecture that reduces the total cost of ownership.

What Features Do These Data Centers Offer?

For businesses who were intrigued by the PTCL’s data centers and want to know more about what they offer. Here are the few features that you should be aware of:

–           Infrastructure hosting for your business

–           Application hosting for multiple businesses

–           Co-location

–           Caging

Other than these direct features that are being provided to an endless number of businesses, the on-demand services include:

–           Processing on demand

–           Storage on demand

–           DR solution

–           Backup solution

Finally, the solutions that PTCL directly offers for the mainstream business operations are:

–           Unified communications

–           Email & collaboration

–           ERP, SaaS (Software as a Service), and CRM

–           Video conferencing

Why Are PTCL Data Centers Important?

PTCL Data Centers are the best choice for companies that want to relocate their primary, DR and BCS sites flexibly. These might be the technical terms for many, but there are a lot of business demands options to choose from.

In a nutshell, PTCL Data Centers provide the following benefits to its partner business users:

–           Safe and secure environment

–           Added resilience

–           Affordability

–           Gigabit connection of a self-healing network

–           Absolutely no downtime

–           Unlimited supports

–           Reduced recovery time

–           Visibility of all ICT components

–           Disaster recovery

–           Flexible use of network connection

Where Are The Data Centers?

There are currently two active data center sites in Pakistan:

–           Lahore

–           Karachi

However, if you have any query or want to get in touch with them you can simply email at datacenters@ptcl.net


More than data centers, PTCL is the carrier of carriers. It provides data, connectivity, co-location, tower sharing, power, and telecommunication services to its customers and operators across various areas. All of these services are provided and managed by PTCL for its operators. To be precise, PTCL provides interconnection services to LLOs, LDIs, and enterprise segments. These sectors including the business enterprises across the country depend upon PTCL to fulfill their data requirements and needs. The state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures that the services are met without any interruption. The team including the customer service has to work around the clock to make sure the smooth provision and assistance in case of any queries or emergencies.

PTCL has a huge satellite transmission infrastructure with multiple earth stations which provides services to all the carriers that further distribute them to their customers as well. The partners do not have to develop their own support facilities because PTCL fulfills this need for them

PTCL is a trustworthy name to work with because of its connectivity, resilience, security, privacy and the unwavering infrastructure. With this, businesses are capable of achieving the best of what they do and help compete in the global market. PTCL has already been helping renowned businesses and has the backing of the Ministry of IT for all the technological innovations it is bringing. We hope it lives up to the expectations and progression PTCL has achieved in the past decade.

Mati-Ullah is the Online Editor For DND. He is the real man to handle the team around the Country and get news from them and provide to you instantly.

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