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The PTCL internet speed test helps you get the accurate status of your internet speed at any time. More often than not, internet users sign up for a certain internet speed like 10mbps, 12mbps, 15mbps, or 20mbps. Against each offered speed, users are given a certain upload speed. Most users pay for the subscription but do not check if the company is delivering the offered speed or not. It is always recommended to test your internet speed once in a while. With PTCL speed test, you can get the accurate details of your internet speed.

internet speed test


Let’s have a look at all the important details that can help you in this regard.

Check Your PTCL Internet Speed Online

By checking your internet speed, you can find out the causes involved in bringing down your internet speed. To check your internet speed, you can use the official PTA speed test app.

PTA Speed Test App

Third-party speed test websites and apps display varied results. To avoid the uncertainty, PTA has enabled broadband users to test their internet quality and problems easily via app.


The app logs in to the preferred network mode enabling users to distinguish between different operators.

We have covered a list of key features of the PTA speed test app.

Key Features

Users can stop the current test.

  1. Speed test detailed analysis can be kept in the database to be accessed in the Register tab.
  2. You can also save the test history in CSV format in your phone’s storage.
  3. You can remove the history of the previously performed speed test.
  4. How Speed Test App Works
  5. The test checks location service availability and connection.
  6. If the services are deactivated, the app recommends users to enable them for accurate results.
  7. The test is also valid for 3G, 4G, LTE, and/or WiFi.
  8. The app also defines the recommended file size that should be uploaded or downloaded to/from the server based on your internet connection type and speed.
  9. Separate details of ping, download, and upload.
  10. Accurate calculation of start and end time threads.
  11. Send or receive server data and speed calculation within the time frame app.
  12. Users can review the final values for ping, upload, download, and log upon completion of the thread.

Factors Affecting Your Internet Speed


Suffering internet speeds are a common problem around the globe. While the problems causing it may vary, there are many factors that can drop your internet speed significantly. One of the key factors can be the number of internet users at your place. Internet speed can drop if more (than recommended) number of users are connected to the internet and using it at the same time.

Another important factor is the nature of your internet usage. If you are browsing a website with more graphical content (images and videos), you are most likely going to face some drop in your internet speed.

internet speed test

Moreover, the server speed of the website can also affect your internet speed by slowing down loading time and affecting graphics of the web page.

If all of the mentioned factors are not valid, there is a bright possibility that your internet service provider is the one to blame. With the help of PTCL internet speed test, you can check if you are getting the promised downloading and uploading speed by your ISP or not.

Whatever the reasons may be, what you need is uninterrupted fast internet. Especially if you are working remotely, you will not want to go through the frustration.

Things to Remember

Since internet speed test is performed online, it is always best to perform the test at least two times for accuracy. Another important point to mention is the vast availability of speed testing websites. If you go to Google and look up for such websites, you will find a long list waiting for you. While some of these will be free to use, others may charge you for using the service. However, you need to make sure that you perform the speed test for your internet service more than once for better accuracy. In addition, there are a few important terminologies you should know to analyse the result of your internet speed test.


To put it simply, ping refers to the response time of your internet connection. If your ping is fast, it means your connection can comfortably manage heavier programs like games, video streaming etc. The ping test calculation is in milliseconds.

Upload Speed

The upload speed refers to any data that you upload from your computer or mobile device to any website or app. Most common examples are uploading a photo/video on Facebook or Instagram, uploading videos on YouTube, uploading videos to online editors etc. The better the upload speed of your connection, the faster the uploads.

Download Speed

The exact opposite of upload speed is download speed. It refers to any and all the data that you download from the internet. The data includes downloading videos, pictures, streaming online videos, and games. The better your download speed, the faster the downloads.


How to test my internet speed?

You can use PTCL internet speed test service online to check your internet download and upload speed. Go to your web browser, log on to www.ptclspeed.com.pk

Why is my internet slow?
  • Check the number of users connected to the same internet connection.
  • Check if your internet device is connected and positioned (as advised by your ISP) properly.
  • Go to www.ptclspeed.com.pk to test your connection speed and quality.
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