PTCL Flash Fiber Packages and all the details you need to know

TechnologyPTCL Flash Fiber Packages and all the details you need to know

The internet connection in Pakistan is one of the most widely discussed topics among people. It is either asking each other whether their internet works well or giving advice on which one to go for. However, it is not always the internet provider’s fault if you do not have a stable working connection. Sometimes we do not understand what kind of connection will fit our usage needs. So, if you have PTCL or any other internet, the first thing you need to know is whether you have the right type of connection or not.

PTCL Takes The Lead With Flash Fiber Once Again

Here is how:

Types Of Internet Connection

There are three major types of internet connection, and how it is disseminated to the users. These are:

DSL – DSL or Digital Subscriber Line is the one that delivers service through your landline. This does not mean that you will not be able to use your phone, you can do both simultaneously. This broadband communication can employ different types of cables for transmission. You subscribe to a DSL service and pay for it monthly.

VDSL – VDSL stands for a Very high-bit Digital Subscriber Line. It boasts some of the fastest upload and download speeds. It also connects to the phone line to deliver high-speed internet bit comes with a modem that connects to the devices using cables for the provision of internet.

Fiber Optics Internet – This technology uses fiber-optic cable to disseminate internet speed of up to 940 Mbps. It has low lag time and high data transfer and receival speed. It is claimed that it can transfer data as fast as about 70% speed of light. The fiber-optic cables are also the most stable and do not give in to weather conditions no matter what.

PTCL – The Best Internet Service Provider

There is no denying that PTCL has its fair share of speculations and rumors associated here and there. But it has always been the biggest internet service provider in the country. Not just the director customer connection, but it is also responsible for over 60% of bandwidth provision in the country. The grandeur and the capability of PTCL are second to none.

Not just this, but over the years, the changing team has adopted the rapidly evolving technology and is always geared up to introduce more and more initiatives in-line with the current demands of the customers. And it has good news for its users once again!

PTCL Flash Fiber For All

As per the service provider’s latest and newly launched initiative, PTCL has introduced the cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, and IT in the tech world called PTCL Flash Fiber service for its users. With this new announcement, PTCL will be providing fiber-to-home service to its users starts with some specific areas and then moving on to expansion as the service grows. As per it, the fiber connection will directly be delivered to the homes. As mentioned above, fiber optics internet is the best that is available currently anywhere in the world, and now you can have that connection as well.

PTCL Takes The Lead With Flash Fiber Once Again

Obviously, you will have to get upgraded and change from your current internet subscription to this one, But I believe that this definitely is a breakthrough for the local internet service providers with the flash fiber now providing high-end fiber connection right at your home, PTCL has definitely taken a lead once again.

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