PTCL Flash Fiber Website Down For Over 20 mins!

PTCL Flash Fibre Website Down


PTCL Flash Fiber website was previously reported as a crashed website and we also heard some chatter going on around the fact that while being a national Data carrier, it was the second time in the last 7 days that one of the PTCL’s website went down for some time.

Users are reporting issues logging onto the website. It should be mentioned that PTCL has a large consumer audience spread across the country for multiple domains of service areas and still their own website went down 2 times in a row.

Previously Reported Complaints

Just a few days back, we updated the readers with the news of PTCL website links going down for a few hours in the whole country. The official online bill payment link was also not working as reported by many PTCL services users across Pakistan.

Although the official website showed a message that the website is down for maintenance, users showed a lot of frustration owing to the remote work situation.

Why Is PTCL Website Down?

Honestly, we can not say what exactly is causing the repeated issues. However, the company should follow a maintenance schedule that can cause minimum trouble. The back-to-back maintenance schedule disturbs the momentum of customer satisfaction.

In Pakistan, a large audience uses the services offered by PTCL. While this may be true, a major chunk of this audience uses broadband and internet services across the country. Online services require a 24/7 availability of the website to pursue personal transactions or receive support.

PTCL users are quite frustrated due to the PTCL Flash Fiber link going down and looking for a proper solution to the problem offered by the company.

Is PTCL a good broadband company in Pakistan?

PTCL is the most popular broadband services provider in Pakistan. The company offers high-quality services including high-speed internet and cable, telephone services, smart TV services, and more. You can visit the official website to get a list of offered services.

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