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PTCL Fiber – High Speed, Uninterrupted Internet

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited has been striving to deliver the best and uninterrupted internet to its users scattered all across Pakistan. With its commitment to become the best internet service provider and to provide unprecedented service, the initiative of PTCL Fiber taken a while back has reaped in efforts.


PTCL Fiber or FTTH (Fiber To The Home) service utilizes GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) – which is a fiber technology that ensures the seamless provision of uninterrupted high-speed internet. It is a part of PTCL broadband packages and is available for both corporate and residential customers alike.

Why Use PTCL Fiber?

When you opt for PTCL Fiber or any Fiber service for that matter, an authentic copper wire is installed to provide you with an uninterrupted internet connection. There is a GPON device attached to the wire responsible for that connectivity. With the Fiber connection, the same internet package that you previously had will work much better because of the unrequired damage that occurs to the other wires.

The improved fiber and copper networks always allow for the wires to withstand the toughest of the weather and gain a guaranteed broadband internet connectivity. They are spread out and connected to the service point in such a way that they won’t be harmed by any external deterrent. Even though the installation of the Fiber might be a little expensive for residential complexes since it involves a durable fiber wire and it has to be dug up in the house or connected straight to a pole, but the advantage of it is manifolds. Especially, if you are a corporate customer or someone who has a small startup and internet connection is the bane of their existence, PTCL Fiber will definition prove to be a valuable investment.

All in all, PTCL has proved that it has left the past of poor internet connectivity behind. Following international standards and the footsteps of well-known companies, the internet service provider has only been adding in and improving services and the Fiber initiative is one testament to that.

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