PTA Tax Price on iPhone 14 Series for March 2023

PhonesPTA Tax Price on iPhone 14 Series for March 2023


PTA Tax on iPhone 14

To cope with the growing economic instability in Pakistan, the government has to rely on loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). However, the loans come with heavy prices which result in an increase in taxes in the country. As smartphones have a successful market in Pakistan, the taxes on imports and PTA approval are also soaring. So, look at the PTA Tax on iPhone 14 series. 

Updated PTA Tax on IPhone 14

PTA Tax on iPhone 14

The iPhone is in high demand in Pakistan but the PTA taxes are increasing day by day. Recently, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority announced its new tax rates on the latest model of Apple smartphones which is iPhone 14. Without paying the tax, the buyers cannot use the phone on any local Telecommunication network. So, if you are a true iPhone lover, let’s see if these new taxes deter you from making the purchase or not. 

ModelTax on CNICTax on Passport
iPhone 14 ProPKR 177,403PKR 149,775
iPhone 14 Pro MaxPKR 187,143PKR 158,630


Reasons of Increase in Taxes

PTA Tax on iPhone 14

The recently announced PTA Tax on iPhone 14 is 20% of the actual price of the phone. PTA is frequently increasing the tax rates on imported phones for many reasons which will contribute to the stabilization of the economy. By raising the taxes, the government aims to lower the imports which can help in maintaining the balance of payment. The increased taxes will boost the revenue of the government. Additionally, the growing taxes on imported phones will discourage their sales so the buyers will tend to buy locally-made smartphones. It is done so to promote local manufacturers. The PTA tax also helps in tracking the smuggled phones in the country.

But, the iPhone is not just a simple smartphone, it has become a status symbol for all. The taxes may discourage the bulk sales by retailers who import stock of phones for the resale purposes. But, the individual buyers, who have customer loyalty, are a trend to buy it even after the ever-increasing PTA Tax on iPhone 14. After the above tax rates, iPhone 14 has crossed the price limit of 5 lacs which makes them only for the elitist class. The middle class or lower middle class can not even think of buying such expensive phones during this challenging inflation. 

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