How to Protect SIM Cards with SIM PINs – A Complete Guide

Did you know you can protect your SIM card using a PIN?


For all cellular phones, it is important that there must be a SIM card. You have to insert a SIM card to start using the cellular service. SIM is called a Subscriber Identity Module. SIM cards are portable and there is a probability that someone might misuse your contact number. There is an easy way to protect a SIM card. That easy solution is SIM PINs. Let’s dive into details about SIM Pins so you can protect SIM Cards from the access of other people.

What is a SIM PIN?

Protect SIM cards

Just like you set a home screen Pin so no one can harm your privacy, you can also set a SIM PIN. After setting a SIM PIN, you can protect SIM card for other’s use. After setting this PIN, you have to enter the PIN every time you restart your phone or change your SIM card. This feature is extremely important as it can help to evade any wrong hands using your phone. 

The latest phones have various facilities for the ease of customers. Like you can check your SIM number, look for your phone’s IMEI number, set a SIM PIN, and much more. It is important to remember the PIN. Because once you forget it, you will have to lose your data. 

How to set up a SIM PIN?

Protect SIM cards

To set up a pin, you have to follow the given steps:

  • Go to your phone Settings.
  • Select Cellula or Security from the settings.
  • Locate SIM PIN or SIM Lock on your phone.
  • Turn on SIM PIN.
  • Enter the SIM PIN that you want to insert.
  • Make sure that you always remember it. 

It is even better if you note down your PIN at some safe and accessible place. This way you will be able to access your SIM card every time you restart your phone or reinsert your SIM card


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