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Pakistan may be considered a Third World nation in numerous aspects, yet the country is blessed with a high-potential information technology (IT) industry. The IT sector of Pakistan has seen immense progress over the last decade with over 30 million internet users – the 27th highest in the world – and one of the world’s highest internet growth rates.

This is despite the fact that the tech sector of the Pakistan is largely thought to be overlookedby the country’s government, which analysts say attaches more importance to other sectors such as textile and banking.

It is no secret that given the dynamics of today’s fast-paced world, the progress of all other sectors is linked to the progress of information technology and the improvement of communication networks. Many industries have progressed because of better communication facilities, services, and applications such as internet banking, e-commerce,online portals, and blogs. These tools have emerged to provide users with the facility of unlimited information and access to numerous resources at the simple click of a button. While it was unimaginable perhaps three decades ago, a majority of Pakistani homes and schools are connected to a computer and have internet access. The same applies to Pakistani businesses and offices that use communication applications and other tools to organise and manage their businesses.

Another life-changing breakthrough in the technology industry is the availability of the internet and all associated services through cellular devices. Online portals, blogs, social media websites, and numerous other applications are all available on mobile devices 24/7 and 3G/4G internet services are provided by most mobile carriers in Pakistan. Pakistan also contains one of the largest populations of mobile users in the world.

Another thriving industry in Pakistan is the real estate sector, as it has been gaining momentum for several years now and is providing both agents and real estate owners with ample monetary gains. However, this industry could not have flourished to its maximum potential if online portals such as Zameen.com had not provided a platform for agents, real estate owners, and potential clients to interact and obtain information. While the real estate buying or renting cycle previously took weeks or months to complete because of lack of information or lack of options, all information and options are now easily available on a computer screen or the screen of a smartphone.

While Pakistan may still be in the developing stage, the country’s passion for information technology seems to be far from ‘developing’ and well along the lines of ‘developed’.

Contributor: Zameen.com

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