Prime Minister Imran Khan rules out any NRO

NANKANA SAHIB, Pakistan: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday categorically ruled out any NRO, saying previous two National Reconciliation Ordinances caused irreparable loss and damage to Pakistan.

While addressing the Launch Ceremony of the Spring Tree Plantation 2019 & Natural Reserve at Balloki in Nankana Sahib on Saturday to mark the ‘Plant for Pakistan Day’ drive, the prime minister said that in the past, money launderers were allowed a quiet exit, and added that such steps have had an adverse and negative impact on us socially, politically & economically.

“Today’s economic problems such as inflation, price hikes and economic disparity have been caused by the actions of the previous governments in the last 10 years,” he said.

The prime minister said that we will be unsparing to all those individuals who have caused irreparable damage to Pakistan due to unprecedented corruption.

Imran Khan said that the real change is when a sitting government does not differentiate between its ministers or parliamentarians when it comes to accountability.

In addition, the prime minister also announced to establish a University in Nankana Sahib. He requested the administration to name the Balloki Forest Reserve after Baba Guru Nanak and also desired to establish a University in his name.

Imran khan said that we will ensure minorities in Pakistan are treated as equal citizens with all rights and privileges unlike how the Muslims are being treated in India as second-class citizens.

The prime minister said that the struggle of the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was to build a model Islamic Nation-State where Muslims were free, and a State that preserved the rights of all its citizens, especially its minorities.

Earlier at the outset, the prime minister said that i am delighted at the efforts being undertaken at Nankana Sahib today. He said that we will continue to reclaim land from land mafias all across Pakistan & utilize it for afforestation.

The prime minister said that Pakistan is one of the worst affected by climate change in the world.

“I urge the youth to partake in planting trees as a national cause, to ensure our future generations do not suffer from the impending dangers of deforestation,” Imran Khan said. “The process of afforestation is being done to preserve and protect the future of Pakistan.”

“I urge the youth of Pakistan to become a part of my team and help the government in our efforts for a Clean Green Pakistan.”

The prime minister said that we will reclaim parks from land mafias & reclaim government land for public use including playgrounds and children play areas & protect our people from cement jungles.