Prices of Sacrificial Animals at Cattle Markets

By Sana Haroon


As the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha is approaching fast, the purchase and sale of sacrificial animals is gaining momentum with every passing day. The excitement in Cattle Markets is at its peak. Like every year the cattle markets are overcrowded and the people have started thronging them.

One of the largest cattle markets set up in Lahore is at Shahpur Kanjran, Multan Road where animals are traded from various areas of Pakistan. While the prices are quite high as compared to last year which has reduced the buying power of an average man. A trader at Shahpur Kanjran has told that the cost of sacrificial animals which he has brought to market ranges from Rs 250,000 to Rs 12,000,00 which is exceptionally high for lower income or salaried person.

Apart from it, Maweshi Mandi in Karachi is also one of the popular markets for sacrificial animals. It has been established near Sohrab Goth on the Highway and expanded around 65 acres of land. It is said to be one of the largest cattle markets of Asia. The arrival of sacrificial is increasing with each passing day.

Cattle markets set up in the Federal Capital especially at I-12/4 Sector is also witnessing an increase in rush of buyers. Excitement at Cow Mandis (Markets) in Islamabad/Rawalpindi has continued to mount up. Setting up Cow Mandis in places other than those which are allowed by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) are illegal. Unlike Lahore and Karachi, herding of animals and road side Cattle Mandis cannot be seen in Islamabad.

According to the survey at different sale points, the price of normal size goat ranges from Rs 30,000 to 55,000, a lamb or sheep from Rs 25,000 to Rs 55,000 and calf/cow ranges from Rs 55,000 to minimum Rs 120,000. Over 400,000 animals are slaughtered every year on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha.

With the increasing excitement at Cattle Markets, the trend of online Qurbani has gone viral too in Pakistan. Many organizations and meat shops are providing online services for sacrifice of animal on Eid-ul-Azha where a customer need to book the animal at its outlet or online. The payment is made in both cash in hand and online. You place your order on their respective websites and they provide you with the list of animal and rates.

Shaukat Khanum is one of the famous organization providing Online Qurbani Service. Edhi foundation and Zenith are other famous names. Halal meat processing, Qurbani online, OLX and Metro also provide this service. While BakraOnline.pk is providing home delivery service too in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

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