President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has resigned

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Astana, Kazakhstan: President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has resigned, reports State Run News Agency Kazinform.
“Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev delivering today an address to the people of Kazakhstan has announced about his decision to resign as the President of Kazakhstan,”, reports Kazinform.
Nursultan Nazarbayev did not give any reason for his resignation. Entire establishment of Presidential office is changed and new personalities have taken over charge.
Qasym-Jomart Toqayev will hold an interim government.


Qasym-Jomart Toqayev will hold an interim government.
Qasym-Jomart Toqayev will hold an interim government.

Nursultan Nazarbayev addressed the nation on television and stated that the speaker of the Senate Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev will temporarily fulfill the duties of the President of Kazakhstan.

“I made a decision to terminate my powers as president. This year will be 30 years old, as I occupy the highest post. The people gave me the opportunity to be the first president of independent Kazakhstan, ”said Nazarbayev.

Nazarbayev thanked Kazakhstanis for supporting him in the elections.

Nursultan Nazarbayev has been heading Kazakhstan since April 1990. In April 2015, he was re-elected for a fifth presidential term in early elections. On them, he scored 97.75% of the vote.

“We have done everything together, Kazakhstanis. You supported me in all elections. It is a blessing to be the President of such a country. I served you faithfully. Thanks to you, I became president, ” said Nursultan Nazarbayev.

It is pertinent to mention that Nazarbayev disbanded previous government recently and installed new government. The Presidential decree states that Alikhan Smailov became the first deputy prime minister and minister of finance, and Zhenis Kasymbek, deputy prime minister.

As reported, on February 21, Nazarbayev dismissed the government of the republic. The reason is that the government, together with the National Bank, failed to fully create real incentives and tools for a qualitative growth of the economy.
Renee, the Senate of Kazakhstan adopted a bill enshrining the first president’s right to head the Security Council for life. In turn, the question of the lifelong chairmanship of Nazarbayev in the Security Council was commented on by the Ministry of Justice. It is planned that the composition of the Security Council will be formed by the President in consultation with the chairman of the council.

Yerlan Battakov, the 1st deputy head of the of the Department of Presidential Affairs has aben appointed as Acting head of the Department of Presidential Affairs, the Akorda press service reports.

Malik Murzalin appointed as Deputy Chief of Presidential Administration.

Azamat Amirgaliyev has been appointed Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Justice of Kazakhstan, Akorda press service informs.

“By a Presidential decree, Azamat Amirgaliyev has been appointed Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan,” a statement reads.

Azamat Amirgaliyev was born October 24, 1976 in Almaty. In 1998, he graduated from the Institute of Legal Studies and International Relations. Earlier, he worked as Chief of Staff of the Presidential Affairs Office.

Nursultan Nazarbayev is considered as “Father of Nation” for Kazakhstan as of late Karimov is considered for Uzbekistan. Now, no country left in Central Asia which is ruled by person who gave independence to his Nation.

Official media of Kazakhstan reported that he will remain the member of the Security Council and be in charge of the Nur Otan Party.

Official Statement issued by state run news agency, following are important points of resignation speech of the President.

Dear Kazakhstanis, compatriots, fellows! I am addressing you in a very important moment in the history of our country which we have been building together.

I have taken an uneasy decision to step down. This year marks 30 years since I assumed the office of the President of the country. I was imposed a great honor to become the First President of independent Kazakhstan.

Our three-pronged task was to build a market economy, to dismantle totalitarian ideological system and modernize all social institutions. We have done it for the sake of building a modern democratic state, Republic of Kazakhstan.

We understood that we couldn’t have built democratic institutions in the time of struggling economy and poverty-stricken people, we have put economic development and growth in prosperity at the forefront. As a result we have enhanced economic growth by 15 times and increased household income nine-fold that let decrease poverty rate by almost tenfold.

We have successfully overcome all hardships, including the deepest global financial crisis of 2007-2012. Kazakhstan proceeded from land economy to industrial and service economy. The process of industrialization and urbanization of the country is underway. The world’s leading investors start investing into the country’s materials sector. It let implement the most complex oil and gas projects.

We have formed the fund for the future generations of Kazakhstan owing to raw material resources. Kazakhstan has become a part of the global economy, attracts investments and enjoys trade ties practically with all countries of the world. More than 18mn people live in Kazakhstan today. We have joined 50 most developed countries of the world. We have adopted 2050 development programme.

Now our goal is to access the club of 30 most developed states of the globe. On the ruins of the USSR we have built a successful Kazakh state, a country with a modern market economy.

We have created peace and stability in the multi-ethnic and multi-confessional state. For the first time in our centuries-long history, we have ensured international legal recognition of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We have our national flag, anthem and emblem. In the most uneasy period of 90s, we began training personnel under the Bolashak Programme. The programme enabled our youth to obtain worthy education abroad, to study advanced world practice and work for the benefit of our country. We have established a world-class university in Astana and built intellectual schools countrywide.

I believe that young Kazakhstanis will strengthen our independence and will apply their knowledge and experience to ensure prosperity of the Motherland. For the first time in our history, we have built our capital city. Astana is an embodiment of all our victories and achievements. Throughout these years you have backed my initiatives, you have supported me at all the elections.

I was honored to serve to my people, to my Motherland and I extend my deepest gratitude to you. As you know, in accordance with our legislation, I have been granted the status of the First President of Kazakhstan – Yelbasy (Leader of the Nation). I will remain on the post of the Security Council Chairman, Chairman of Nur Otan Party and member of the Constitutional Council. I will stay with you. The country’s Constitution determines the succession issue. In case of early resignation of the incumbent President the duties of the President will be devolved on the Senate Speaker until the end of the elected term. Thereafter the elections of the new President will be held. Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan is Qasym-Jomart Toqayev. You know him very well. He is a graduate of the Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs, Doctor of Science. Fluent in English and Chinese. Previously acted as Foreign Minister, Vice Prime Minister, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Senate. He knows the country, its economics and politics. He has been working with me since the first days of independence of Kazakhstan. I know him very well. He is honest, responsible. He strongly supports the country’s foreign and domestic policy. He participated in developing all the programs. I would like to address younger generation of Kazakhstanis – to safeguard independent Kazakhstan, our common Motherland. This is our nation, the land of our great ancestors. Keep friendship and unity of our people, our mutual trust and respect to culture and traditions of each citizen of the country. I am confident that Kazakhstanis of the future are well-educated, free people fluently speaking three languages. They are the cosmopolitans travelling around the world and gaining new knowledge. They are hardworking people. They are the patriots of their country.

I believe in rightness of our course. I am confident that Kazakhstan of the future is the country with a robust economy, best education and healthcare. Kazakhstan of the future is the country enjoying peace, stability and rule of law,” the statement said.