President Donald Trump is the Voice of Americana

By Agha Iqrar Haroon

Agha Iqrar Haroon is a Development Observer. His area of work includes Central Asia and Eastern Europe region
Agha Iqrar Haroon is a Development Observer. His area of work includes Central Asia and Eastern Europe region

President-elect Donald Trump is a true Voice of Americana but may not be of Americans.

He was tagged “vulgar” by corporate media—a media that is usually a voice of American establishment. His personality was portrayed as a playboy, offensive, sexist and descriptive of sexual assault.

He was painted as Racist while demanding an American job system that can ensure job security for great-grandchildren of those who built America a country that is ruling the world economically and politically today.

He was promoted as a man who hates other nations and who is an anti-globalization figure.

Trump can be considered as a “Protectionist”. Every Nationalist leader in the history had been a protectionist. One can say that he is Nationalist rather than a global leader.

His election campaign was based on a design of an America where builders of United States (people who landed to the land of opportunities during the last 100 years or so) will be given first priority while sharing financial benefits among all Americans.

He ignited nostalgia of Americana among young generation. He promised an America to his voters where American money is not going out of the country by discouraging imports during his rule.

He promised his American voters more jobs by disappointing immigrants. He promised his voters a tolerant America by dispiriting purist and radical Islam that is on rise in United States due to political wed-lock of US foreign policy with Middle Eastern countries during the last half a century.

His promises were simple—straight and clear therefore he won US elections without giving delegate lectures about what kind of foreign policy US would have under his leadership or what kind of role US would play in international politics.

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I was disapproved of by a number of friends when I indicated in a number of television talk shows (before US elections) that Trump is the reality of “Tomorrow” because he is (was) speaking language of a common man. He had never been a statesman therefore he can (could) easily talk what a common man understands.

People of United Kingdom were first in 21st century to vote against globalization in referendum to guard its economy and culture from the onslaught of refugees and people of other states of European Union (EU). Now, US population followed the path.

When I was listening speeches of Trump, I could feel he was selling Protectionism and Americana. And I was sure that people living in countryside and suburban areas would buy his philosophy of converting Global America to Old America—-An Old America that was mush peaceful and cordial for its population.

Let me briefly explain what Protectionism actually is?

Protectionism is the economic policy of restraining trade between states (countries) through methods such as tariffs on imported goods, restrictive quotas, and a variety of other government regulations. This is what Trump indicated by criticising laws and rules of World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Protectionist policies protect the producers, businesses and workers of the import-competing sector in a country from foreign competitors. Protectionists usually favor the policy in order to decrease the trade deficit, maintain employment in certain sectors, or favor the growth of certain industries. The doctrine of protectionism contradicts the doctrine of free trade, where governments reduce as much as possible the barriers to trade. This is the design of US economy, Trump promised with his voters.

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My readers can ask what I mean by idea and nostalgia of “Americana” that according to me was promoted by Trump. I briefly explain this point hereunder:

Historically, “Americana” is associated with nostalgia for an idealized life in small towns and small cities in America and one can says this is by-word for “The Good Old Days”.

America of yesteryears was beautiful and worth living place providing ample financial opportunities for lower to upper middle classes and for semi-literate to illiterate people. For followers of Americana, small towns and small cities are American heritage.

Contrary to “Americana”, today’s America is a country of cut throat completion, onslaught of immigrants who can eat out financial opportunities of less literate Americans and a global leader who has to work with all races, religions and societies to ensure “Free Market Economy” and same opportunities to all people of the world to come and gel in United States because America is the “Father” of the world.

Should Father not care his own children first rather than adopted children?  Trump has given the answer—-Yes —Let Father cares his own children and forget adopted one for the time being.


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