Precautionary measures that can be taken against heat wave


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Heat waves are the most lethal type of weather situations. In Pakistan heat wave falls during summer between the mouths of May and June while April and September bring high temperatures. The highest temperature eve recorded in Pakistan is 53.5 °C (128.3 °F) which was recorded in Mohenjo-Daro, Sindh on 26 May, 2010. It is worth noting that in 2015, 65,000 people just in Karachi suffered from heat stroke and were eventually hospitalized.

Punjab Health Department warned people against heat stroke in 2019

The Punjab Health Department has issued a notice of heat stroke for the year 2019. The Punjab government has also launched a public awareness campaign in which the people are advised to protect their health and save themselves through precautionary measures.

Following are some safety measures and advices which can be taken to prevent the heat stroke:


  1. Wearing damp clothes of light color, light weight and loose fitting can help prevent the heat from entering the body. The use of dark or tight clothing holds in heat and doesn’t let your body cool properly that’s why is souled be avoided to wear such clothes.
  2. During the heat wave the sun can burn your skin, so sunburn it very impotent to avoid. Before going outdoors, wear a lightweight, wide-brimmed hat or use an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun, and apply sunscreen (according to doctor’s prescriptions) to any exposed skin. Having sunburn reduces your body’s ability to rid itself of heat.
  3. Try to avoid places which are heated up. If you don’t have access to a place with an air-conditioner, find a well-shaded spot. Fans alone aren’t adequate to counter high heat and humidity.
  4. Drink plenty of water. Keep your body hydrated it will help your body sweat and maintain a normal body temperature.
  5. Avoid parking your car on a hot spot, the temperature of your car can rise up to 11C in just 10 minutes. Let your car cool off before you drive it.
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