Prayer Timings for Sharjah May 2023

UAEPrayer Timings for Sharjah May 2023

The prayer times in Sharjah can vary depending on the time of year and the sun’s position. Muslims are required to pray five times a day, with specific times set for each prayer. These times are based on the part of the sun. However, it can change throughout the year due to seasonal variations in daylight hours.

Grand Mosque Sharjah

The prayer times in Sharjah are approximate as follows:

  • Fajr prayer: 4:25 AM
  • Dhuhr prayer: 12:17 PM
  • Asr prayer: 3:46 PM
  • Maghrib prayer: 6:45 PM
  • Isha prayer: 8:15 PM

It is important to note that these times are subject to change throughout the year, particularly during Ramadan, when prayer times may be adjusted to accommodate fasting.

Muslims in Sharjah can use various tools to keep track of prayer times, including mobile apps, websites, and local newspapers. Mosques also announce prayer times throughout the day using a public address system.

Although prayer is an essential component of the Islamic faith, non-Muslims have no obligation to participate. They are frequently invited to observe or visit mosques when no prayer is in progress. The prayer times in Sharjah mentioned above are based on approximation.

Table of Prayer times in Sharjah for May 2023


1Monday11Shawwal4:20 AM5:40 AM12:19 PM3:45 PM6:53 PM8:12 PM
2Tuesday12Shawwal4:19 AM5:39 AM12:19 PM3:45 PM6:53 PM8:13 PM
3Wednesday13Shawwal4:18 AM5:38 AM12:19 PM3:45 PM6:54 PM8:13 PM
4Thursday14Shawwal4:17 AM5:37 AM12:18 PM3:45 PM6:54 PM8:14 PM
5Friday15Shawwal4:17 AM5:37 AM12:18 PM3:44 PM6:55 PM8:15 PM
6Saturday16Shawwal4:16 AM5:36 AM12:18 PM3:44 PM6:55 PM8:16 PM
7Sunday17Shawwal4:15 AM5:35 AM12:18 PM3:44 PM6:56 PM8:16 PM
8Monday18Shawwal4:14 AM5:35 AM12:18 PM3:44 PM6:56 PM8:17 PM
9Tuesday19Shawwal4:13 AM5:34 AM12:18 PM3:44 PM6:57 PM8:18 PM
10Wednesday20Shawwal4:12 AM5:34 AM12:18 PM3:43 PM6:57 PM8:19 PM
11Thursday21Shawwal4:12 AM5:33 AM12:18 PM3:43 PM6:58 PM8:19 PM
12Friday22Shawwal4:11 AM5:32 AM12:18 PM3:43 PM6:58 PM8:20 PM
13Saturday23Shawwal4:10 AM5:32 AM12:18 PM3:43 PM6:59 PM8:21 PM
14Sunday24Shawwal4:09 AM5:31 AM12:18 PM3:43 PM6:59 PM8:21 PM
15Monday25Shawwal4:09 AM5:31 AM12:18 PM3:42 PM7:00 PM8:22 PM
16Tuesday26Shawwal4:08 AM5:30 AM12:18 PM3:42 PM7:00 PM8:23 PM
17Wednesday27Shawwal4:07 AM5:30 AM12:18 PM3:42 PM7:01 PM8:24 PM
18Thursday28Shawwal4:07 AM5:29 AM12:18 PM3:42 PM7:01 PM8:24 PM
19Friday29Shawwal4:06 AM5:29 AM12:18 PM3:42 PM7:02 PM8:25 PM
20Saturday30Shawwal4:05 AM5:29 AM12:18 PM3:42 PM7:02 PM8:26 PM
21Sunday1Thul-Qidah4:05 AM5:28 AM12:18 PM3:42 PM7:03 PM8:26 PM
22Monday2Thul-Qidah4:04 AM5:28 AM12:18 PM3:42 PM7:03 PM8:27 PM
23Tuesday3Thul-Qidah4:04 AM5:27 AM12:18 PM3:42 PM7:04 PM8:28 PM
24Wednesday4Thul-Qidah4:03 AM5:27 AM12:18 PM3:41 PM7:04 PM8:29 PM
25Thursday5Thul-Qidah4:03 AM5:27 AM12:19 PM3:41 PM7:05 PM8:29 PM
26Friday6Thul-Qidah4:02 AM5:27 AM12:19 PM3:41 PM7:05 PM8:30 PM
27Saturday7Thul-Qidah4:02 AM5:26 AM12:19 PM3:41 PM7:06 PM8:31 PM
28Sunday8Thul-Qidah4:01 AM5:26 AM12:19 PM3:41 PM7:06 PM8:31 PM
29Monday9Thul-Qidah4:01 AM5:26 AM12:19 PM3:41 PM7:07 PM8:32 PM
30Tuesday10Thul-Qidah4:01 AM5:26 AM12:19 PM3:41 PM7:07 PM8:32 PM

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