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DHA Lahore has been one of the most popular residential communities since its launch. Out of all the property options, DHA plots have ever registered remarkable growth in Lahore, where all of its new phases receive a positive response from investors. The following report of Zameen.com shares details of just how good DHA Lahore plots performed during the first three months of 2013.

Stats of Zameen.com reveal that Lahore real estate sector is one of the most preferred cities whenever it comes to investing in properties in Pakistan. The metropolis is known to offer nothing less than the best when it comes to investment options. Due to the availability of various investment options in Lahore, the city caters to the needs of all sorts of investors.

For every budget, there is an investment option in both prime to secondary areas of the city. If you do not have any budget constraints, you must consider investing in high-end areas for excellent ROI over time. Of all prime options, DHA Lahore holds a distinguished position as it features unique facilities and an excellent return on investment. Zameen.com, a renowned property portal in Pakistan, also shares its search statistics and average sale prices of 1 kanal residential plots in DHA Lahore that support the above-mentioned claim.

A report issued earlier by Zameen.com indicates that DHA Lahore plots remained the most popular investment option in Lahore as the locality boasts a hike in average sale prices of 1 kanal plot and consistently claims a large percentage of the total searches made for Lahore plots on the portal. Though 2012 showed positive growth for DHA plots, 2013 however added more to its charm and glory as the general elections too failed to dent the hiking sale prices in the area. Out of all searches recorded for Lahore plots, around 20 percent searches were made for DHA plots, which is a healthy ratio when it comes to numbers of potential property investors intending to invest in these plots.

However, a hike has been noticed in the average sale prices and number of search queries made for DHA Lahore plots since the first month of 2013. The percentage of search volume of DHA Lahore plots in comparison to total Lahore plot searches reached the figure of 20.63% in January 2013. The average sale price of 1 kanal residential plot during the said period of time crossed he benchmark of ten million and touched the figure of Rs 10,382,573. However, both the figures dropped slightly in February when the search volume figure hit 20.12% and average sale prices fell to Rs 10,214,312. The drop is not significant and hardly makes any difference to the popularity graph of DHA Lahore. All of these stats reveal that Q1 concluded at a very high figure when the search volume percentage touched its maximum value and reached 23.78% and average sale price of 1 kanal residential plot also extended to its highest Rs 10,950,532. In short, March came with a bang for DHA Lahore plots. Seeing the growth, experts narrate that 2013 will not just prove to be prosperous for a particular community but for Lahore and overall Pakistan property market.



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