PPP seeks submission of Dawn Leaks report in Senate

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The Leader of Opposition in Senate Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan on Friday demanded to present Dawn Leaks report to the Upper House besides informing about the settlement reached between the government and establishment on this issue.

Speaking on motions about news leaks, the Opposition Leader demanded to know all aspects of the inquiry adding no one is above the Parliament, therefore all the details of inquiry must be presented in the House.

The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) senior leader said that it is a source of satisfaction that establishment understood the constitutional authority of the government and moved forward to resolve the issue.

Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan said that the opposition is satisfied and happy that the Army understood its constitutional obligations to an elected government and its authority and also criticized the tweet in which the prime minister’s orders were rejected.

Aitzaz Ahsan also questioned the difference between the notifications of April 29 and May 08 and said, if there was no difference between the two notifications then what was the controversy?

Speaking on the motion, Javed Abbasi said that the Opposition should have appreciated that the Dawns leaks issue had been resolved in a democratic way.

Javed Abbasi said that Pakistan could not afford any confrontation among state institutions and the settlement of the issue was the victory of democracy and the Constitution.

Abbasi said that state institutions would continue to play their constitutional role in national development process. Everyone should play role in strengthening of democracy in the country and supremacy of the Parliament, he added.