Prime Minister to address the nation over current political unrest in Pakistan and 14 August 

PM Nawaz to address nation on Tuesday


Pakistan is going through its worse time these days. Just few days the independence day 14 August, rival political parties of PMLN announced different protests in order to demand prime minister’s resignation.

PTI and PAT  are planing to sit in the protest together to derail the government however different media groups are also supporting this agenda. Prime minister Nawaz Sharif is going to address the nation tomorrow. In a recent interview on TV chief mi ister of Punjab Mian Muhammad Shabaz Shariff asked Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri that what is the fault of PMLN and why they are destroying Pakistan economically.

It should be kept in mind that KSE index recorded the highest drop in points in the last one decade. KSE dropped by 1309 points as reported earlier. Different analysts says that if current political scenario continued for more then a week, we will loose more KSE ending up in destroying economic growth. The most effected class of the society is daily wage workers which are being effected during all this political Melodrama played by PTI and PAT says a PMLN’s local party worker.

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