Police brutal crackdown against PTI continues

PoliticsPolice brutal crackdown against PTI continues
  • PTI Spokesperson vehemently denounces police brutal crackdown on participants of PTI’s peaceful polls rallies
  • Vows people all-set to take revenge for this fascism through power of vote on Feb 8
  • Condemns re-arrest of Sanam Javed in another false case after bail
  • Laments all social, moral values being trampled upon to impose national criminals once again

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Just a few days are left to hold the nationwide general elections but yet the law enforcement agencies are adamant to not to allow the Country’s most popular political party – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) – to hold its political activities as part of the electioneering, and continuing to launch the crackdown against PTI workers.

In a statement, the PTI Spokesperson strongly condemned the police brutal crackdown, brutalities and oppression on participants of the PTI’s peaceful election, vowing that the people were all-set to take revenge for these cruelties and fascism through the power of their vote in the forthcoming general elections scheduled for February 8.


The Spokesperson said that the people came out in a massive number across the length and breadth of the Country on the appeal of PTI Chairman-for-life Imran Khan by breaking the idols of fear, giving a sleepless nights to PTI’s political rivals, besides putting a stamp on PTI being the undebatable political forces and Imran Khan being the most popular political leader in the Country.

The PTI Spokesperson said that as elections were drawing nearer, an alarming upsurge had been witnessed in the crackdowns on PTI’s candidates and workers, their illegal abductions and disruptions in holding peaceful public gatherings, clearly reflecting the rising popularity of PTI.

He lamented that all social and moral values, including the constitution, democracy, were being trampled upon to impose the certified national criminals on the Country once again by suppressing the public opinion, who ruthlessly plundered the country’s wealth during the last several decades.

The PTI Spokesperson pointed out that all kinds of unconstitutional and fascist tactics were being implied to debar PTI’s candidates from carrying out election campaigns while unfortunately special facilitation was being provided to other political parties under the state patronage.

He went on to say that after unlawful raids at PTI candidates’ houses and their abductions, they were not even allowed to display their election banners and to hold public gatherings, which was a clear violation of the constitution and election rules and regulations.

The PTI Spokesperson termed the violence on the elderly women and children participated in peaceful public rallies by the goons dressed in police uniform at the behest of their masters as shameful and condemnable.

He stated that the level of worrisome and anxiety these petrified elements could be judged from the fact that Sanam Javed, who had been in jail for past nine months, was arrested in another false and frivolous case after getting bail.

The Spokesperson noted that the failure of all shameful tactics such as depriving a political party of a level playing field and denying it’s constitutional right of an election symbol had left the planners in deep fear and anxiety, adding that the ceaseless and unending spate of state fascism, repression and vindictive actions against PTI for the past two years could not reduce the love in the hearts of the people for their beloved leader Imran Khan.

He vowed that PTI was united under the leadership of its Chairman-for-life Imran Khan and they would not backpedal from the just struggle for the supremacy of rule of law and upholding constitutional and democratic rights in the Country come what may.

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