PMLN may announce early General Elections in the country

PMLN may announce early general elections in the country

PMLN may announce early general elections in country
PMLN may announce early general elections in country

Lahore, Pakistan: The ruling party Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) will go for early general elections and top leadership has conveyed this message to its grassroots level leadership, claim PMLN insiders.

According to insiders, PMLN has chalked out two plans for announcing early general elections.

According to Plan A, general elections will be announced in November 2017 instead of May 2018— the actual time for completing its five year term in Parliament.

Plan B deals with announcing general elections in March 2017—forgetting to enjoy 2017-18 budget. Plan B will be followed only in such circumstances where PMLN would feel difficult to complete its tenure due to compounding pressure from opposition parties or from certain institutions.

PMLN insiders believe that decision of holding early general elections is for putting pressure on its parliamentarians to extensively start campaign by meeting people in their constituencies, spending weekend in their areas and utilizing all resources to address problems being faced by voters of their constituencies.

PMLN sources are of the view that all tiers of party are feeling that PMLN might not be allowed to complete its tenure in Parliament therefore party must be ready to go for general elections anytime well before official expiration of tenure in May 2018.

“This time we will not wait that someone comes and compel us to leave. Our party should be ready to face any circumstances and brave enough to face people in general elections therefore leaders as well as workers must work like they are in election year. Our power lies with our voters and we have decided to contact our voters instead of wasting our time by engaging ourselves in political rejoinders”, commented a PMLN insider.

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