PML-N gratify immense crowd participate in rally: Musadik

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The Senior Leader Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Dr. Musadik Malik has said that the Party gratify with the immense crowed participated in rally that indicated Nawaz Sharif still lived in hearts of the masses.

“Our rally doesn’t mean to reverse the Supreme Court order and the restoration of former Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif,” Musadik Malik highlighted in an exclusive interview on Thursday.

“We want grand dialogue with all Pakistani even a farmer, student and a politician to reach to masses for bringing country on the right path”, he added.

Musadik Malik further highlighted that they did not resist the court decision and Nawaz Sharif obeyed the court, therefore, there is not even a single allegation of corruption against him and he was de-seated for not receiving a salary from his son.

But if National Accountability Bureau (NAB) wanted more investigation to give punishment for nothing they are ready to face as they faced in dictatorship era, he said.

The PML-N senior leader said that the PML-N was a political party and its leadership and workers always stood for the democratic process in the country.

Dr. Musadik Malik further added that under the leadership of former prime minister the government set manifold records of development in energy sector, infrastructure, economy, health and education.


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