PM Imran Khan vows provision of security, welfare to all minorities in Pakistan

THARPARKAR, Pakistan: Prime Minister Imran Khan said that his government will not allow anyone to commit cruelty with Hindus or other minorities in the Country. 

In his address to a public gathering in Chachro area of Sindh’s Tharparkar district on Friday afternoon, the prime minister said that minorities are enjoying equal rights in Pakistan without in any discrimination.

Imran Khan said that the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is using hate card against the minorities to achieve votes in the elections.

“Gandhi went on hunger strike for the Muslims many times but today Modi is oppressing Muslims only to win the elections. Our Prophet is “Mercy for All” not for the Muslims only,” he said.

Regarding the recent tension with India, Imran Khan said that we desire peace but no one undermines us, we are fully prepared for any misadventure. He said that we with our armed forces are fully prepared to respond any eventuality.

The prime minister said that we are a responsible State and not allow anyone to use our soil for any terrorist activity. He said that all the political parties has unanimously decided not to allow any militant group to use our Country’s land for nefarious designs.

“All parties have decided that we shall never allow anybody to misuse Pakistani soil for terrorism. We want investment in Pakistan for economic revolution,” the premier said.

Meanwhile, the prime minister also announced a massive health package for Tharparkar under which Insaf Health Cards will be provided to 120,000 families of the area. He said that the medical facility worth Rs 720,000 will be provided to every deserving in any hospital.

The prime minister announced two mobile hospitals and four ambulances to extend health facilities for the people of Tharparkar. He also announced 100 RO water plants to overcome water shortage in the area. He said electricity will be produced by the solar means.

“Today, 120,000 families will receive their Health Cards. Two mobile hospitals and four ambulances are also being provided to the inhabitants,” he announced.

Imran Khan said that the federal government will do everything for the development of Tharparkar and other remote area of Sindh.

“I’ve visited Tharparkar, the most backward area, only for its worst living condition. 75% people live below poverty line & some 1300 children have died of hunger for last few years,” Imran Khan said.

Imran khan said that Tharparkar is mines producing area including Coal and Copper, the income of these mines will be now spent first in these areas.

“We have been neglecting the backward areas so far and have deprived the gas producer areas of gas provision for themselves. Now we are altering the policy anyhow and you will find the share in coal production now,” the prime minister said.

“We shall increase our tax net and spend on backward areas like Tharparkar. Later, we can attend mega projects like Metro.”