PM Imran Khan signs performance agreements with 41 federal ministers

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Taking a giant stride towards ensuring service, delivery, and efficiency, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday signed performance agreements with the 41 Federal Ministers covering 1,090 initiatives.


The agreements were signed at a ceremony in Islamabad aimed at improving the performance of ministries and the governance system during the next two years.

A total of 41 ministries have prepared 1,090 initiatives related to various sectors including development projects, economy, policy-making and reforms for the next two years.

These agreements cover all divisions of the federal government.

In his remarks on the occasion, the prime minister urged the Federal Cabinet members to exceed the targets set in the agreements in order to live up to the expectations of the masses.

Terming the next one year very important, the prime minister said that if we managed to achieve the targets of this year, we will easily achieve the targets of the next year.

Imran Khan said that we have come out of difficult times and it is now time to gear up efforts to achieve the benchmarks set for the next two years.  He said that it is only through performance the elections will be won by us.

Regarding Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), the prime minister said that only those who are benefiting from the corrupt system are opposing their use in the elections. He said that we want to introduce this system in order to do away with the issue of rigging.

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