PM Imran Khan launches Monsoon Plantation Campaign 2021

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday launched the Countrywide Monsoon Plantation Campaign 2021 by planting the avocado sapling at F-9 Park in Islamabad.


In his remarks on the occasion, the prime minister asked the people to fully participate in the tree plantation campaign to enhance the Country’s forest cover.

The prime minister said that it is unfortunate that our forest cover is very less when compared with other regional Countries as this matter was neglected in the past. He said that we have to turn Pakistan green to fight global warming and offset the impact of pollution.

The prime minister said that it will bring a big revolution if each person plants at least one sapling during the next three weeks.

Imran Khan said that he has also directed the Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners to ensure plantation at empty spaces in Cities. He said that our aim is to leave behind a better Pakistan for future generations.

The prime minister said that the government’s 10 billion tree Tsunami project as well as the plantation of one billion trees in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is widely acknowledged across the world. He said that Pakistan is now recognized as a leading Country that is taking steps to reverse carbon emissions.

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