By Ms Fatima Ahmad
Nations are known and respected for their character and not for their size, military might and wealth. National patience, courage and resilience are some of the known qualities of greatness. Similarly in the history and even in today’s world few nations are also hated and feared for their cunningness, cheating and selfishness. These traits earn nations respect and hatred and become symbol of greatness and respect and for few shame and disgrace. In this categorization, nations are measured for general public’s attitude, how the people and their leaders weather crisis or treat others during testing times. Anyone who interests in geography and history would know how Finns established themselves as a fighter nation for their miraculous victory against all possible odds. Germans despite their defeats are quoted for their innovative employment of forces and after humiliation their unprecedented recovery even before the dust kicked by allied steel settled does not have any parallel in modern history.
Though, once it comes to recognizing Pakistani contributions, it is no surprise to notice hypocrisy and disregards to the scholarly honesty. However, many historian despite usual baises can not ignore character of Pakistanis, their political and military leadership which they displayed when on many occasions they could have exploited Indians weaknesses. Note, Pakistan despite sensing victory reined lashkers at a very decisive moment on the request by the UNSC when Sri Nagar was within their reach. Opportunity again knocked on the doors of Pakistan when Indian army was thoroughly beaten by the Chinese and winning Kashmir would have been much easier. Even today the nation has stood its ground and has been able to fight on many fronts and is still resilient to defeat a menace which challenged the worlds powers of both poles.
But I wonder, how can Indian leadership sell their victories against Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Even if there was any masterpiece can that by any measures boasted as symbol of national greatness or military excellence? If not then what can the nation and their leaders offer to the world; opportunism, deceit and exploitation of smaller neighbors or millions of indians living below poverty line. After overcoming my disappointment because indians have proved that they can not embrace realities and get rid of historical baggage of near thousands years muslim rule and spare nothing to harm Muslims around the world in general and Pakistan in particular (though it was much easier to trace and address the real reasons of the shame of being defeated by just handful of worriers ).
Despite my best effort I am unable to find any worthwhile positive character trait for one of the most populous country. Though by fabricating all known clippings of great nations indians are trying to join the league of great civilizations. Imagine Indian symbolize Chankiya for ancient civilization and equals him with Sun Tsu and Confucius, though world knows him for his teachings of deceit and cheating.
My poor military history knowledge does not rescue me in my struggle to find any nation, civilization or empire celebrating victories what to talk about doubtful stalemates and possibly humiliations. Yes there are evidences of smaller armies of declaring defensive accomplishments as victories and world recognizes their achievements seeing the odds. But how could Indian leadership even imagine that they will be able to sell the idea of victory in 1965 war to the world which seems not interested and to its own public which to some degree knows what happened to their armed forces. Probably this happens when mediocrity takes over and instead of battling real issues take the easier one of exploiting the sentiments of general public which is purposefully kept ignorant. However, even if Indian narrative of defeating Pakistan on every occasion is substantive and their claim of delivering unacceptable damage to Pakistani interests is credible then why is so much of concentration of existing forces against this so called worthless opponent and why future acquisition and force modernization plans are only Pakistan specific? Is not it a shame for such a big country afraid of a smaller neighbor. Indians surely, wasted the opportunity of learning from their once upon a time God Father who never talked about their victory of second Russo Finnish War. The question is why the Indian Armed Forces do not prepare for settling scores against a matching opponent? Their leadership seems afraid of publically talking about any such design what to talk of preparations.

Where are great strategists and when will they test their latest discovered Sage of warfare; The Greatest of All Chankia and test his teachings against likes of Sub Tu Zue and Confucius. I believe Indian public should question their leaders. Because sodo indian scholars value what they earn by fabricating history than research ethics, scholarly honesty. Common fear of lossing livelihood is natural for ordinary people.


Question is how modern India has shaped its character; after independence her leadership was unable to live up to the false image which British rulers crafted to win them against Muslims. How the disciples of great Gandhi conducted politics is no surprise to her neighbors, which Modi thought was a secret.

Unfortunately the new century has dawned for subcontinent with a manifestation of Indian policy of supporting terrorism and publically championing it. No one knows till when world will continue ignoring this utter disregard for the world peace. History repeating, west ignored fascists and paid a very heavy price but no lessons learnt and Indian leadership is allowed pursue state policy of nurturing fascism.
It is a wake up call for the indian public as the interconnected world not only forms opinion about nations based on the character of the country’s leadership but how the nations elect them and how effectively make them accountable for their policies. Therefore, it is now expected from Indian nation to not to allow mediocre leadership who does not know basics of statesmanship and are unable to value peace. Sane people of Indian society who are not a minority in any calculation must wake up. They have to overcome their fears of fighting coercion of thugs of Shiv Sina and challenge manipulation by BJP leadership who can not publically denounce Gandhi but never let garland dry on Nathu Ram’s statue in their Headquarters. Where their spin doctors are always busy in distorting history and manufacturing new strategies to exploit the nation struggling for a respectful place in the commity of nations. Because after all it is the present and the next generations which will face the world community. Present trend does not seem supporting Indians desire to be respected by the world.

Mati-Ullah is the Online Editor For DND. He is the real man to handle the team around the Country and get news from them and provide to you instantly.

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