PIA lands in hot waters for offering mineral water bottles to passengers for toilet

GeneralPIA lands in hot waters for offering mineral water bottles to passengers...

Monitoring Desk: Pakistan International Airlines remained in bad lights for years despite attempts by several governments to reform the air carrier.

In one such case, the airline that operates a fleet of 30+ aircraft runs out of water adding woes to the passenger’s list, who are already offered low-standard services as compared to foreign airlines.

A domestic Islamabad-bound flight from the port city departed with no water in the toilets for passengers, and travelers were forced to use mineral water in the toilets. It was reported that the chaotic circumstances triggered a bitter exchange between the passengers and the flight crew.

Interestingly, Governor Sindh Kamran Tessori and some parliamentarians along with dignitaries were also on the same flight, which offered mineral water bottles to passengers for using the lavatory.

The airline, which is known for leaving passengers’ luggage at outbound airports, now offers mineral water to passengers and now the incident garnered unwanted attention, trolling the airline.

Besides not loading water in the tank, the crew members also did not serve drinks to the already fuming passengers, considering the situation at hand.

The airline faced image problems for years and still struggling to beat its competitors. Years of poor management created a not-so-good impact on the masses as people are used to getting inferior products and services.

Besides adding woes for the masses, the airline is running enormous losses. The airline lately, released its financials for the current fiscal year to the Pakistan Stock Exchange, and it was revealed that it ends the quarter with a net loss of Rs25 billion which increases its accumulated net loss for the year to a total of Rs67 billion.

The state-owned enterprise was used badly by all governments as exploitation of its resources by its staff, and the lack of responsibility pushed down the airline.

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