Photos of dead Bashir Ahmed with his 3-year old chest-riding grandson awaits response from United Nations

A Letter to António Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations from Srinagar

Respected and Honourable Secretary-General,

I fear that photos of blood-soaked dead Bashir Ahmed with his 3-year old chest-riding grandson left no imprints on your heart and nothing is changed for us (Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Valley).

Honourable Sir,

Did you see photos of ill-fated Bashir Ahmed? If not, please ask your staff to submit a graphic report of this incident.


Let me cite you some news from major news providers about this incident so the credibility of my letter would not be questioned.

bashir ahmed with his 3 year old grandson days before he was killed by Indian forces in front of his grandson
Respected Secretary-General this was deceased Bashir Ahmed with his 3-year-old grandson days before he was killed by Indian forces in front of his grandson

Bashir Ahmed Khan of Srinagar was brutally killed by Indian Forces in a fake encounter when he was in Sopore along with his three-year-old grandson.

Blood-soaked dead Bashir Ahmed with his 3-year old chest-riding grandson left no imprints on your heart?

He was dragged out of his car, shot dead, and thrown on-road as stated by his toddler grandson when he was asked what happened to his Papa (Aayad used to call his grandfather as Papa).


Respected Secretary-General please click here to watch the video and listen to what this 3-year-old grandson is narrating about the murder of his grandfather.

No official statement came from the United Nations to condemn this horrific scene. The United States which claims to be the champion of human and child rights is mum. The European Union and the European Parliament are silent.

Bashir Ahmed Khan was shot dead by the CRPF. DW English reported that locals (people) stated that Bashir Ahmed Khan was brought out of his car and shot dead by the forces. AFP News Agency while citing Farooq Ahmed, a nephew of Bashir Ahmed Khan confirmed that security forces killed 65-year-old Bashir Ahmed Khan and left his body on road by placing a 3-year old Aayad on top of dead Bashir Ahmed.

Bashir Ahmed Khan a civil contractor earning around £65 per month and he was in Sopore to visit a construction site and brought his loved-one grandson with him for a long drive.

“My brother was not a militant. He did not carry a gun. Why was he killed?,” asked Nazir Ahmad.

Police claimed that car of deceased Bashir was caught in a gun battle between rebels and security forces and he died in the crossfire. However, the family of Bashir Ahmed has contested the police version of events, saying if that was the case, his body would have been found inside the car, not the road.

“We don’t want to question the child about his grandfather because this could hurt him even more. When anyone takes his grandfather’s name, he says, ‘Papa ko thak thak kiya,’ said Nida Khan, the child’s aunt. “We also cannot stop him from speaking about what he has seen. He wants to tell everyone.”, reported Huffington Post.

Bashir Ahmad Khan, 65, was a civil contractor living with his wife and children in Srinagar.

The world has neither shaken nor lamented as it should have been by watching photos of Bashir Ahmed Khan with his grandson Aayad. Bashir’s lifeless body soaked in blood and his 3-year-old grandson sitting on his chest did not change anything for us because we are nameless creatures and are born to be killed by the aggressor (India) because we demand freedom and have nurtured our Valley with the blood of our three generations.

Respected and Honourable Secretary-General,

I request you please watch video statement of a toddler I shared with you and see photos of this incident by searching at google with search words like “Bashir Ahmed with his grandson”, “Bashir ahmed srinagar”, “bashir ahmed killed by indian forces”. I am confident you will find photos by clicking the “images” section in Google Search.

Waiting for your action soon,

The name of the writer is withheld on request

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