Petrol Stations in Rawalpindi barred from refueling without helmet motorcyclists

No petrol for without helmet motorcyclists

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan: The Rawalpindi administration has intensified its action against motorcyclists riding bikes without helmets, and barred all petrol stations in the City from filling fuel tanks of such riders’ bikes (without helmet motorcyclists).

In a twitter message on Saturday, the Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi Dr. Omar Jahangir said that the ban will be effective from December 1, 2018.

The Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi said that directions have been issued to all fuel stations in the City.

“Any Motorcyclist not wearing Helmet will not be refuelled at any fuel station in Rawalpindi after 1-12-2018. Directions have been issued to all Fuel stations,” he said in his tweet.

Earlier this week, the Rawalpindi administration imposed a complete ban on motorcyclists from entering the Murree Road without helmets, as precautionary measures aimed at to avoid human injuries.

As per the Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi, in just 10 months, 46 accidents involving motorcycles have cost 16 lives on Murree Road.

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