Petrol price in Pakistan increased by over Rs 123 in PDM government

Economic PerformancePetrol price in Pakistan increased by over Rs 123 in PDM government
  • Petrol price in Pakistan amounting to Rs 282.00 per litre from April 16 to May 15, 2023 in the PDM government was the highest ever in the Country’s history.

By Mati Ullah Khan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The petrol price in Pakistan reached a level of Rs 272.95 per litre in merely 16-month long Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) government, registering a rise of Rs 123.09.

On April 11, 2022, when the PDM government led by Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif took over, the petrol was priced at Rs 149.86 per litre; however, by the end of their tenure on August 09, 2023, the petrol price had surged to Rs 272.95 per litre with an increase of Rs 123.09.Petrol price in Pakistan increased by over Rs 123 in PDM governmentIn the PDM government, the petrol price was increased for 13 times and decreased for 7 times while it was maintained for 15 times.

In the previous Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government led by Prime Minister Imran Khan, the maximum petroleum levy was fixed at Rs 30 per litre; however, later the PDM government raised the threshold of petroleum levy to Rs 60 per liter to seek further loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

By the end of their tenure, the PDM government was collecting Rs 55.00 on per litre petrol as petroleum levy.

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It’s worth noting that though the PDM government accused the PTI government for providing a subsidy on petroleum products by reducing the General Sales Tax (GST) and Petroleum Levy to zero in March 2022 which allegedly endangered the IMF program. However, the PDM government initially itself imposed zero taxes from April 11 to June 30, 2023 – a period of almost three months. In fact, throughout the PDM tenure, the GST on petrol remained 0%.

Brent Crude Price in International Market in last 1 Year

Petrol price in Pakistan increased by over Rs 123 in PDM government
Note: Today Brent Crude price stood at US$ 85.46 per barrel as of 06:00 am CDT

Petrol price in Pakistan during PDM government;

Prices (per litre)
Increase/(-) Decrease
Petroleum Levy
Sales Tax %
August 1-15, 2023Rs 272.95Rs 19.95Rs 55.000
July 16-31, 2023Rs 253.00– Rs 9Rs 55.000
July 1-15, 2023Rs 262.000Rs 55.000
June 16-30, 2023Rs 262.000Rs 50.000
June 1-15, 2023Rs 262.00– Rs 8Rs 50.000
May 16-31, 2023Rs 270.00– Rs 12Rs 50.000
May 1-15, 2023Rs 282.00*0Rs 50.000
April 16-30, 2023Rs 282.00*Rs 10Rs 50.000
April 1-15, 2023Rs 272.000Rs 50.000
March 16-31, 2023Rs 272.00Rs 5Rs 50.000
March 1-15, 2023Rs 267.00– Rs 5Rs 50.000
February 16-28, 2023Rs 272.00Rs 22.2Rs 50.000
January 29-February 15, 2023Rs 249.80Rs 35Rs 50.000
January 16-28, 2023Rs 214.800Rs 50.000
January 1-15, 2023Rs 214.800Rs 50.000
December 16-31, 2022Rs 214.80– Rs 10Rs 50.000
December 1-15, 2022Rs 224.800Rs 50.000
November 16-30, 2022Rs 224.800Rs 50.000
November 1-15, 2022Rs 224.800Rs 50.000
October 16-31, 2022Rs 224.800Rs 47.260
October 1-15, 2022Rs 224.80Rs 12.63Rs 32.420
September 21-30, 2022Rs 237.43Rs 1.45Rs 37.420
September 1-20, 2022Rs 235.98Rs 2.07Rs 37.500
August 16-31, 2022Rs 233.91Rs 6.72Rs 200
August 1-15, 2022Rs 227.19– Rs 3.05Rs 200
July 15-31, 2022Rs 230.24– Rs 18.5Rs 100
July 1-14, 2022Rs 248.74Rs 14.85Rs 100
June 16-30, 2022Rs 233.89Rs 24.0600
June 3-15, 2022Rs 209.86Rs 3000
June 1-2, 2022Rs 179.86000
May 27-31, 2022Rs 179.86Rs 3000
May 16-26, 2022Rs 149.86000
May 1-15, 2022Rs 149.86000
April 16-30, 2022Rs 149.86000
April 1-15, 2022Rs 149.86000

Source: OGRA

*Highest ever



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