Pervez Musharraf & his wife received over 100 Toshakhana gifts Free of Cost

BlogsPervez Musharraf & his wife received over 100 Toshakhana gifts Free of...

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The former military dictator Pervez Musharraf along with wife Sehba Musharraf received around 214 Toshakhana gifts, and retained more than 100 of them Free of Cost while purchased rest of them after payments of a meagre amount as under-assessment of the value of received gifts remains under question.

Whereas the General (retd) Pervez Musharraf though declared that he received One Car Toyota Lexus 470 (Color White) (Model 2006) on April 22, 2006 but he didn’t deposit the amount.

Pervez Musharraf & his wife received over 100 Toshakhana gifts Free of CostGifts received by Pervez Musharraf from Toshakhana Free of Cost

Detail of GiftsDateAssessed Value
One Leather Bag07-03-2002Rs 1,800
One Shield07-03-2002Rs 2,000
One Flower Vase07-03-2002Rs 4,200
One Photo Frame07-03-2002Rs 1,500
One wooden Decoration piece29-03-2002Rs 2,000
One Flower Vase29-03-2002Rs 2,000
One Pen03-04-2002Rs 2,500
One Jewellery Box (Porcelain)03-04-2002Rs 3,000
Decoration piece (Ceramic Horse)03-04-2002Rs 2,000
Flower Vase03-04-2002Rs 1,000
One Book & Pen Tray (Ceramic)03-04-2002Rs 450
One Tie03-04-2002Rs 650
One Decoration Piece03-04-2002Rs 2,000
a. One book


b. One Jewellary Box

c. Insignia House of Councilors

03-04-2002a. NCV

b. Rs 1,500

c. NCV

One picture of Budha duly framed03-04-2002Rs 1,200
One Box Cohiba Cigars03-04-2002Rs 1,250
One Cutlery Set23-04-2002Rs 8,000
One Flower Vase10-06-2002NCV
a. One Decoration Piece

b. One Ladies Suit Pieces

14-06-2002a. Rs 2,200

b Rs 650

One Jewellery Box14-06-2002Rs 4,300
a. One Cigar Box

b. One ladies Purse

03-07-2002a. Rs 2,500

b. Rs 2,000

One Bowl (Copper)03-07-2002Rs 5,500
One Tea Set (24 pc)22-07-2002Rs 3,000
Three Books08-08-2002Rs 2,400
One Painting08-08-2002Rs 3,000
One decoration Piece10-08-2002Rs 1,800
One Box of Tea10-08-2002Rs 400
One Dinner Set (46 pcs)04-09-2002Rs 7,000
One Dinner Set (45 pcs)04-09-2002Rs 7,000
One Tea Set (17 pcs)04-09-2002Rs 4,000
One Tea Set (09 pcs)04-09-2002Rs 2,500
One great Seal of US04-09-2002NCB
a. One Tray (Tiffany)

b. One Crystal Insignia

01-10-2002a. Rs 2,000

b. NCV

One Seal of the State of Illinois01-10-2002Rs 1,500
One Wooden Box01-10-2002Rs 1,000
One Model01-10-2002NCV
One Bowl01-10-2002Rs 1,800
One battery Powered light01-10-2002Rs 3,500
One Silk Scarf01-10-2002Rs 60
One Wooden Shield01-10-2002NCV
Six Mates and one Tray01-10-2002Rs 1,200
One Pen with Stand01-10-2002Rs 600
One gift Pack containing four Cups with Saucers and Tea Pot03-02-2003Rs 3,000
Two Carpet Cushions09-04-2003Rs 5,000 (each)
One Packet of Metallic Tea Set23-08-2003Rs 4,000
Betel Nut Container20-10-2003Rs 2,500
Two Small Boxes20-10-2003Rs 1,600
Dinner Set (48 pcs)20-10-2003Rs 4,500
Decoration Piece18-11-2003Rs 1,000
One Incense Bowl02-12-2003Rs 4,000
One Rug15-01-2004Rs 2,500
a. One Metal Decoration Piece

b. One Saree

27-01-2004a. Rs 1,650

b. Rs 1,200

One Wooden Flower Vase27-01-2004Rs 8,500
a. One Gem Studded Elephant

b. One Saree

27-01-2004a. Rs 3,500

b. Rs 2,500

Three Packet Set (Leather)27-01-2004NCV
Large Box containing a Picture in a Glass Frame31-01-2004Rs 10,000
Crystal Decoration Piece24-03-2004Rs 4,500
Two Flower Vases05-04-2004Rs 4,500 (each)
a. One Broach

b. One Plate

c. One Crystal Decoration Block

d. One Bowl

22-07-2004a. Rs 2,000

b. Rs 500

c. Rs 2,000

d. Rs 3,000

a. One Decoration Piece

b. One Bowl Crystal

c. One Bowl Blue

d. One (Printed

Cloth) Crystal Bowl

22-07-2004a. Rs 2,000

b. Rs 1,200

c. Rs 100

d. Rs 4,000

Two Cigarettes Cases07-10-2004Rs 3,500
One Decoration Piece07-10-2004Rs 6,500
One clay Bowl07-10-2004Rs 5,000
One Clay Jar Porcelain14-11-2005Rs 5,500
Wooden Box containing a Silver Decoration Bowl25-10-2005Rs 9,000
Model of Horse (Crystal)07-03-2006Rs 9,000
One Decoration Plate09-06-2006Rs 2,000
a. One Bowl

b. Two Candle Stands

c. One Iterdan

08-09-2006Rs 9,500
One Bowl (Silver)01-12-2006Rs 8,500
One Tea Set28-12-2006Rs 4,000
One Carpet15-01-2007Rs 5,500
One Silver Box31-01-2007Rs 10,000
One Decoration Box15-02-2007Rs 7,000
One Candy Bowl02-02-2008Rs 3,200

Gifts purchased by Pervez Musharraf from Toshakhana

Detail of GiftsDateAssessed ValueRetention Cost
One Revolver Clot07-03-2002Rs 72,000Rs 9,300
One Handmade Carpet11-04-2002Rs 18,000Rs 1,200
a. One Pocket Watch

b. One Carpet

31-05-2002a. Rs 3,500

b. Rs 7,000

Rs 75
One Coffee Machine31-05-2002Rs 11,500Rs 225
One Revolver Colt 44 Cal14-06-2002Rs 72,000Rs 9,300
One Model of Masjid-e- Nabvi03-07-2002Rs 60,000Rs 7,500
One Decoration Piece03-07-2002Rs 12,000Rs 300
a. One Statue of Soldier

b. One Leather Bag

c. One silver Coin

d. One Jewelry Box

05-07-2002a. Rs 10,000

b. Rs 2,200

c. Rs 10,000

d. Rs 2,925

Rs 2,269
One Table Clock with Replica of Horse31-08-2002Rs 100,860Rs 15,129
One Jewelry Set Consisting of one Necklace, one Bracelet, one ear Ring & one Ring31-08-2002Rs 304,400Rs 44,160
a. One Shield

b. One Bowl

c. UAE National Report

d. Brochures

e. Table Calendar

f. Wall Hanging with Belt

g. Napkin

h. Audio Cassettes

i. Video Cassettes

j. Three CDs

k. Pack of one CD, Audio & Video Cassettes

l. One Replica of Falcon

31-08-2002a. NCV

b. Rs 3,000

c. NCV

d. NCV

e. NCV

f. Rs 100

g. Rs 15

h. Rs 360

i. Rs 600

j. Rs 450

k. Rs 450

l. Rs 10,000

Rs 747
One Dinner Set (180 pcs)04-09-2002Rs 16,000Rs 900
One Replica of Horse04-09-2002Rs 15,000Rs 750
One Handmade Irani Carpet & a Pack of Pistachio30-12-2002Rs 30,000Rs 3,000
One Carpet26-04-2003Rs 18,500Rs 1,275
a. One Shawl

b. Two Caps

c. Pair of Metallic Flowers

d. Model of Tree

e. Framed Clay Painting

28-07-2003a. Rs 2,000

b. Rs 2,000 (each)

c. Rs 600

d. Rs 8,000

e. Rs 1,500

Rs 915
a. Pair of Studs

b. One Framed Model of Sword

c. Wooden Box containing Saddle

d. One Carpet

e. One Carpet

28-07-2003a. Rs 500

b. Rs 3,000

c. Rs 9,000

d. Rs 5,000

e. Rs 15,000

Rs 3,375
a. One Shield

b. One Golden & Diamond Necklace

c. One Ladies Purse Gold & Diamond made

d. Pair of Ear Rings Gold & Diamond made

28-07-2003a. NCV

b. Rs 115,000

c. Rs 2,75,000

d. Rs 125,500

Rs 75,825
One Carpet20-10-2003Rs 21,000Rs 1,650
a. One Metal Vase

b. Two Silk Saree

27-01-2004a. Rs 84,700

b. Rs 7,000

Rs 12,255
a. Two Pens

b. One Wrist Watch

c. One Ebel Ladies Wrist Watch

d. One Decoration Piece

e. One Tasbeeh

31-01-2004a. Rs 12,000

b. Rs 385,000

c. Rs 350,000

d. Rs 6,500

e. Rs 29,750

Rs 115,988
One Jewellery Box containing:

a. One Necklace

b. One Bracelet

c. One pair of Ear Ring

d. One Ring

e. One Model of Hajr-e-Aswad

10-03-2004a. Rs 2,916,900

b. Rs 1,409,600

c. Rs 277,080

d. Rs 119,500

e. Rs 17,000

Rs 709,512
a. One Carpet

b. One Picture Frame

c. One Brass Vas

d. One Carpet

e. One Word

f. One Small Carpet

g. One Carpet Purse

h. Coffee Set

22-07-2004a. Rs 14,000

b. Rs 7,500

c. Rs 3,200

d. Rs 18,000

e. Rs 10,000

f. Rs 3,500

g. Rs 500

h. Rs 2,400

Rs 7,365
One Jewellery Box having one Necklace and a Ring16-08-2004Rs 195,000Rs 27,750
Wrist Watch Roles (DAYTONA)21-09-2004Rs 725,000Rs 107,250
Carpet22-11-2004Rs 22,000Rs 1,800
One Carpet05-05-2005Rs 20,000Rs 1,500
One Wrist Watch

“Cartier” along with a Ball Pen + a Pair of Cufflinks

14-07-2005Rs 500,000Rs 73,500
One Silver Candy Bowl16-08-2005Rs 20,000Rs 1,500
a. Black Jewellery Box containing one Necklace + one Bracelet + one Ring and one Pair of Earrings

b. One Blue Box containing one Wrist Watch Chopard (Gents)

c. One Ring & one Pair of Cufflinks

d. One Brown Jewellery Box Containing Necklace, Bracelet, one Ring & Pair of Earrings

26-12-2005a. Rs 269,725

b. Rs 115,000

c. Rs 59,970

d. Rs 290,958

Rs 108,848
One Jewelry Box containing a Ring + a Pair of Earrings in Palladium & Diamonds24-09-2005Rs 59,850Rs 7,478
One Jewelry Box containing one Necklace + one Ring + one Bracelet & Pair of Earrings in Gold & Diamonds24-09-2005Rs 506,460Rs 74,469
Two Decoration Pieces in Silver24-09-2005Rs 26,160Rs 2,424
a. A wrist Watch Olysse Nardin Automatic White Gold & Diamond

b. One Jewelry Set i.e. Pair of Earnings + Cufflinks in Gold & Diamonds

22-06-2005a. Rs 750,000

b. Rs 157,200

Rs 134,580
One Carpet30-11-2005Rs 18,000Rs 2,000
a. One Jewelry Set (i.e. one Versailles) one Necklace, Bracelet, Ring & Pair of Earrings)

b. One Black Box (de GRISOGONO, Geneve containing one Gent’s Wrist Watch)

c. One Jewelry Set (i.e. (Red) (Tiara) containing Necklace, Bracelet, Ring & Pair of Earrings)

20-01-2006a. Rs 594,200

b. Rs 750,000

c. Rs 303,680

Rs 245,682
a. One dinner Set (68 pcs)

b. One Lady’s Suit

07-03-2006Rs 15,000Rs 750
a. Digital Still Camera (S800)

b. One Wrist Watch (Fiyta)

c. One Large TV (LT 4219-China)

d. One Vase

07-03-2006a. Rs 8,000

b. Rs 3,500

c. Rs 28,000

d. Rs7 ,000

Rs 5,475
One Cutlery Set18-05-2006Rs 60,000Rs 7,500
One Dinner Set18-05-2006Rs 25,000Rs 2,500
One Carpet 6’x4’09-06-2006Rs 18,000Rs 1,200
a. One Carpet

B. One Carpet

C. One Candle Stand

06-10-2006Rs 42,000Rs 4,800
One Carpet01-12-2006Rs 35,000Rs 3,750
One Pearl Necklace23-12-2006Rs 15,000Rs 750
One Jewellery Set in 18kt gold Diamond and Ruby i.e.

a. One Necklace

b. One Bracelet

c. One Pair of Ear Rings

d. One Ring)

e. One Rifle with accessories

31-01-2007a. Rs 717,600

b. Rs 301,100

c. Rs 208,400

d. Rs 53,240

e. Rs 200,000

a. One Beads (Tasbih) in 18kt Gold

b. One Decoration Piece

31-01-2007a. Rs 15,000

b. Rs 3,000

Rs 1,200
One Model of Horse07-02-2007Rs 30,000Rs 3,000
One Carpet13-02-2008Rs 25,000Rs 2,250
One Silver Cup20-05-2008Rs 25,000Rs 2,250

Gifts received by Sehba Musharraf Free of Cost

Detail of GiftsDateAssessed Value
One Jewellery Box07-03-2002Rs 1,500
One Wooden Ball with Hammer03-04-2002Rs 100
One book & one Calendar03-04-2002NCV
a. One Book

b. One Handkerchief

03-04-2002a. NCV

b. Rs 70

a. One Necklace

b. One Saree

10-08-2002Rs 7,000
One Saree10-08-2002Rs 1,500
One piece of Cloth with Dupata10-08-2002Rs 1,000
One Saree10-08-2002Rs 1,500
One Crystal Seal of the State of Illinois01-10-2002NCV

Gifts purchased by Sehba Musharraf from Toshakhana

Detail of GiftsDateAssessed ValueRetention Cost
One Necklace04-09-2002Rs 15,000Rs 750
One Jewelry Box18-11-2003Rs 2,634,387Rs 393,658
a. One Wrist Watch Rolex (Small Red Box)

b. One Wrist Watch Rolex (Blue Box)

c. One Jewelry Box containing Necklace)

06-04-2006a. Rs 9,00,000

b. Rs 700,000

c. Rs 54,800

Rs 246,720
a. One Jewelry Set

b. One Word (made of Silver)

24-06-2006a. Rs9 000

b. Rs 15,000

Rs 2,100
One Jewellary Set in 18kt Gold & Diamond i.e.

a. One Necklace

b. One Bracelet

c. Pair of Ear Rings

d. One Ring

03-04-2007a. Rs 10,153,800

b. Rs 2,470,500

c. Rs 1,773,900

d. Rs 484,200

Rs 2,230,860
One Jewellary Set in 18kt Gold diamond & Blue Saphire i.e.

a. One Necklace

b. One Bracelet

c. Pair of Ear Rings

d. One Ring

01-08-2007a. Rs 2,440,000

b. Rs 819,500

c. Rs 356,500

d. Rs 127,500

Rs 560,025

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