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A passport is a mandatory document every Pakistani national needs to travel to other parts of the world. They are only valid for international travels by air, sea, and land. The government of Pakistan has set up many branches of passport offices in Lahore and other cities. If you are a resident of Lahore, we have all the information you need to find passport offices in the city.


Let’s look at Lahore’s passport office locations to help you find your nearby branch.

Passport Offices Lahore, Pakistan

Executive Office

The executive branches of the passport office provide services for making executive passports and other relevant documents in some areas of Lahore.

You can get faster service at the executive branch. We all have an idea of how exhausting it can be to visit the main branches. If you want to save some time, you can go to the nearby executive passport office in Lahore.


The executive passport office is located in DHA Phase 3 Lahore. You can contact 051-111-3444-777 to get more information about the office.

Regional Passport Offices

Below we have listed the different regional passport office locations in Lahore.

Passport Offices in Lahore

  • 8-A, Shahrah-e-Awan Tijarat, Shadman, Lahore.
  • 4-A. Sher Shah Block, Garden Town, Lahore.
  • Lahore High Court Bar Association, Lahore.
  • Zain Park, Sagian Road, Lahore.
  • Stop#14, Araiyan More, Raiwind Road, Lahore

Passport Types You Can Have in Pakistan

There are a total of three types of Pakistan passports.

Common Type

This is the standard passport type that most citizens of Pakistan use.

Diplomatic Type

This passport type is specific for diplomats or related professionals.

Professional Type

This type is specific for government officials.

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Documents Required for Passport Renewal

To apply for a new passport in Pakistan, you must provide a list of documents as directed by the government.

  • Copy of old passport
  • Child identification original certificate with CNIC (Minors only)
  • Renewal fee slip issued by the bank

For Adults

For people with an age of 18 or above, the following documents are mandatory to provide.

  • NICOP or CNIC name
  • NICOP or CNIC (2 copies)
  • NOC, in the case of government officials
  • Bank receipt for fee deposit
  • Foreign passport copy (for dual nationals only)

For Children

If the applicant is under 18, he/she must provide the following documents to renew the passport.

  • Parents CNIC (2 copies)
  • Birth certificate (2 copies)
  • Child registration certificate
  • Bank receipt for fee deposit
  • Foreign passport copy (for dual nationals only)

How to Receive a Passport in Lahore

Once you provide all the required documents, the passport office officials forward your application for your passport renewal. To receive your passport when ready, you can follow the instructions below:

  • Get the passport form from the service counter
  • Fill out the form and pay the fee at the National Bank window
  • Go to the token counter
  • One of the passport office staff members will provide you with a token
  • Submit your digital identity at the Biometric Counter
  • Enter your details at the Data Entry Counter as directed by the passport office staff
  • The office will check the provided information and trace records from Black List.
  • Once through, the office will call you for an interview with the director.
  • You will also receive a tracking code to track your passport application process
  • To collect your passport, you can go to the passport office branch where you applied for a renewal

Passport Expense Chart

Passport Offices in Lahore

Here is a list of passport fees.

For 5-Year Expiration Passports

TypePagesPrice (PKR)

For 10-Year Expiration Passports

TypePagesPrice (PKR)

Passport Office Operation Hours in Lahore

The passport offices in Lahore open at 9 AM and close at 2 PM from Monday to Thursday. You can visit one of the passport offices on Fridays between 9 AM and 12:30 PM.

You can check the official website if you need more details, including the contact information of different passport centers in Lahore.

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