PTI Parade Ground Islamabad Public Meeting 2022: West is trying Regime Change in Pakistan, claims PM Imran Khan

Islamabad, Pakistan: Prime Minister Imran Khan who is facing a Vote of No Confidence Motion in the National Assembly has said that opposition parties moved the Vote of No-confidence motion against him on the instructions of foreign handlers who want to destabilize Pakistan. He said foreign powers sent him a threatening letter because he refused to take dictation from them. However, he did not share that letter he was referring to.

It may be mentioned that such speech from his was expected by the political experts and senior journalists who have been reporting politics and defence in Pakistan had been writing that PM Khan would take his followers into confidence while claiming that a conspiracy has been hatched for regime change as it was done in 1977 against former Prime Minister Z.A Bhutto. One such observation of political experts published on March 25 can be read to click here.


Taking the attention of youth, he said –My youth listen to me carefully. Self-respect is the most important thing.

He said:

There is a conspiracy against me.


My country had been facing derogations and threats due to the conduct of our previous rulers. Governments had been changed with the help of people living in our country and this regime-change tactic had been a part of our history. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was replaced as part of regime change because he wanted a free foreign policy for Pakistan. The people like Fazlur Rehman and Nawaz Sharif parties launched a movement against Bhutto and the situation was created as it is today in Pakistan and then Bhutto was hanged. Today the son-in-law of Z.A Bhutto and Bilawal Bhutto are sitting with the killers of Bhutto just to take power. Today country is facing the same situation that was during the last time of Bhutto foreign powers are trying to steer our foreign policy. Opposition leaders have joined hands and we know who is behind the scene to fix this arrangement. But they should remember that time has changed and this is not the last month of Bhutto and now we live in the social media era and everything is exposed. We shall not accept the slavery of anybody. I want friendship with everybody but not the slavery of anybody. Money is coming from abroad to change the regime of PTI.

We know from pressures are coming on us but we will not compromise on national interest. I am putting the case of the sovereignty of Pakistan in front of the nation. I have a letter with me that shows we are threatened by foreign powers. I will share with you (nation) all these things at an appropriate time. I know the man sitting in London (Nawaz Sharif) meets to whom? I will tell you characters in Pakistan (Opposition) who are working for whom?

Private television channels were not allowed to cover the public meeting and only state-run television PTV was allowed to provide footage to national and international media of PTI public meeting.


He was of the view that Vote of No Confidence was against him because the opposition wanted to get the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) from him that he would never give to those who plundered the country.

Stand with Good against Evil is a message of Islam, said PM Khan adding that his three and a half performance was the best in the history of Pakistan.


Parade ground in Islamabad was filled that has a total capacity of over 30,000 persons to sit or stand in. However, PTI leadership claims 1.5 million filled this place.

Prime Minister Imran Khan was building up for the last 10 days that he would reveal something very important in today’s Parade Ground Public Meeting and he would give a surprise to the Opposition and the nation.

In Public Meeting, songs were played in Pashtu and Urdu language by DG Butt and this charged the crowd in the same way as the pre-PTI 2018 government.

He said that his fight is against Good and Bad— Good and Evil— Right and Wrong and he said the nation is with him to fight evil.

He thanked his followers to gather in Parade Ground on his call.

He said he wanted to share his heart with his followers. He said that he did not use the religious card but he believed that Pakistan was made for becoming a true Islamic state and he would make it later or sooner. He said he wanted to form a social state and he said that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) formed the first social state in the history of menkind.

PM Khan stressed the importance of justice in society, pointing out that the Prophet (PBUH) had not brought mercy for solely Muslims but the entire world. He shared his social projects with people including loans for youth.

He explained performance during COVID-19 and said that Pakistan performed the best and he did not snatch bread from the working class and let people work and the world had appreciated the performance of his government during this crisis.

While addressing the Pubic Meeting, Shah Mahmood Qurashi Foreign Minister of Pakistan said that he had many secrets in his heart but he would not be in a position to share these secrets because of diplomatic decency.
I know where the conspiracy against Imran Khan was hatched and who was behind this conspiracy. I have informed everything to PM Imran Khan. It is up to him to share with you or not and how much he could share, he would decide.

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