Panic spread among those who invested in Top City-1 Rawalpindi after arrest of its owner

Panic spread among those who invested in Top City-1 Rawalpindi after arrest of its owner

Islamabad, Pakistan: Investment of billions of rupees belonging to people who bought accommodations and plots in Top City-1 Rawalpindi is at risk as Law Enforcing Agencies (LEAs) have taken away owners and record of this housing society and unidentified persons have reportedly taken over the possession of land earmarked as Top City-1 Rawalpindi housing society.

According to available details, law enforcing agencies picked up owner of housing society owner, Ghulam Yasin Kunwar Mooez from his F-11 Islamabad residence on Friday night last week. Pakistan Rangers authorities confirmed that the housing society owner, Mooez Kunwar was detained during an action in Rawalpindi and Islamabad on Friday midnight.

Rangers claim that Ghulam Moeez Kunwar is linked to MQM Founder Altaf Hussain while majority of his guards were wanted in criminal cases in Karachi.

Pakistan Rangers accused Moeez Kunwar for multiple illegal activities.

The Rangers statement said that a UK-based woman, Zahida Javed Aslam, had filed an application with Pakistan Rangers in December 2016, accusing Moeez Kunwar of grabbing her land at gunpoint.

The Rangers also said Moeez Kunwar was also involved in cases of firing on local villagers and occupying land illegally.

Rangers further claim that Moeez Kunwar was involved in transferring money to Altaf Hussain in London.

Rangers also claim that a huge cache of arms and ammunition was recovered from the residence of Moeez Kunwar and from the office of Top City-1 Rawalpindi during raids.

Top City-1 Rawalpindi was facing serious issues before this latest development because the Senate Standing Committee on the Cabinet Secretariat in March demanded cancellation of NOC of this housing society due to its proximity in third proposed landing strip of Islamabad New Airport. Society was also fighting legal battle against Revenue Department of Punjab claiming that Revenue officers were tempering Revenue record to eat out 600 kanal land of this society.

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“Only detail investigation would determine the credibility of accusations against the owner of the society but one thing is clear that investment of people who bought plots and accommodations in this society is now on total risk”, commented a buyer of accommodation in Top City-1 with a commitment of not sharing his identity.

Junaid Naseer Faroqui who deals with media on behalf of family of owners gave his viewpoint through an unsigned emailed document accusing Rangers for having ill motives against Top City-1 and supporting opponents of society against whom society is locked up in civil and criminal cases.

Faroqui claimed that offices of society at G11 Markaz and at project site have been taken over by the Rangers and they are being controlled by armed people and no one is allowed to enter. He further claimed that record of society has been stolen during Rangers operation.

According to buyers, the actual development of the project commenced in 2012 after fulfilling regal requirements and now project looks in shamble after five year of commencement.

Majority of buyers are facing legal crises because they do not have Revenue record on their names and they do not have possession of their accommodation and land. The only document buyers have is letter from society in their name. If society goes dormant, who would provide land to buyers is the biggest question being asked by buyers.


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